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Wes Garden's Halting Nightmare Walkthru
Author: Jubell
Date: 2010

Provided by the author


This walkthrough represents the shortest way to win the game from start to finish. Of course you may miss a great deal of story nuance in that case but...cest la vie.


1. Talk to Charity

2. Go North

3. Closely examine figure

4. Go North

5. Ring the Bell

6. Go North

7. Go West

8. Examine water

9. Go East

10. Go East

11. Talk to Hope

12. Take candle

13. *Defeat Hope in Battle*

14. Go South From Grand Corridor

15. Examine hand

16. Take ring

17. Go North

18. Go West.

19. Give ring and candle to Gods

20. Take vial

21. Go East

22. Summon Soul Scythe then "Slash Dr Micheals portrait"

23. Unlock door

24. Open door

25. Go North

26. Talk to Charity

27. *Defeat Hope in Battle*

28. Unlock door in Medicine Cabinet

29. Open door

30. Knock on door

31. Go South

32. Take La Virgencita Key

33. Go South

34. Go West

35. Go North

36. Take Woebegotten scalpel

37. Go South

38. Go East

39. Go North

40. Go North

41. Unlock Magna Mater door

42. Open Magna Mater door (Don't forget to unsummon the soul scythe)

43. Walk through doorway

44. Go South

45. Go South

46. Go South

47. Take Sighing Prudence

48. Go North

49. Go East

50. Unlock black shrine

51. Open the box

52. Give Sighing Prudence to Hope

53. Take Hope's Spirit

54. Put Hope's spirit in box

55. The game is won! ^__^

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