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Turnberry Manor Walkthru
Author: DeLaFlunk  
Date: 2004

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Light fireplace with lighter
Use knife on painting
Open trunk in Secret Room
Move barrel in Cellar
Jerk off to Yula's photos
Play video games
Look at Clair's files
Read Lucy
Read Leigh
Read liza
Read Shea
Read Notes
Check Caller ID
Call 555-8904
Greet guests
Look at Pile of clothing in Sara's room
Dig through pile of clothing
Jerk off in panties
Look at magazines (Hope's bathroom)
X at Paper (with pizza number on it)
Look at west wall (in west basement)
Ask Leigh about special
Open Cupboard (in groundskeepers shed)
Look under bed (in Liza's room)
Ask Lucy about duster
Use Duster on Lucy
Give Panties to Lucy
Lucy wear panties
Liza massage me (in upper western bedroom)
Liza massage in (in Liza's room
Give cigarettes to hope
Ask hope about lucy
Shower (in Hope's bathroom)
Use Basement Key
call 555-9876
Climb Wall (far back yard)
Offer gym to Cindy
Tell Cindy about Secret Passage
Give Vibrator to Sara
Click on personal
Click on Blog
Click on Amateur
Open Dresser (in Cindy's room)
Play tape (Cindy's Room)
Play tape (Cindy'S Living Room)
Play tape (Enternainment Room)
Ask Shea about Girl
Tell Tina about Shea
Offer house to Tina
Tell Cathy about secret passage
Ask Cathy about Camera
Take Pictures
Ask Jane about homeschool
Ask Jane to homeschool
Give Documents to Clair
Tell Hope about homeschool
Tell Sara about homeschool
Tell Cindy about homeschool
Tell Cathy about homeschool
Tell Tina about homeschool
Tell Shea about homeschool
Play tennis with Mia
Shut the Door (in Mia's room)
Tell Jane OK
Call 555-1597
Ask Clair about Jane
Call 555-5798
Open Briefcase
Show book to Angel
Ask Shea about Video Tape sex
Press Play (in loft with camera)
Strip (with Hannah)
Tell Clair Yes
Ask Jane about Clair
Show cock to Tina


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