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The Quest Walkthru
Author: Chelstron
Date: 2001

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Walkthru by the Author, included with the game.

invite aline
get flower
ask elder about quest
put hand on box
get wand
invite mat
point wand at dragon
get scale
give flower to gelry
give lock to guard
get rose
invite gail
get mirror
train turn undead (get TURN skill)
examine grave
turn zombie
ask caroline about elder
get rope
tie rope to tree
turn ghoul (ad nauseum until you can get TURN to 3)
ressurrect dead mage
get book
get human blood
buy poison (you can buy earlier, but you'll have to pay)
turn skeleton (TURN needs to be 3)
search (in Hal Meggle's farm)
get gold <nugget>
buy meat (from Jim in the inn - 1gp)
buy ale (from Jim in inn - 1gp) 
buy chocolates (from Jim in inn - 10gp)
give ale to barmaid (do 3 times then kiss her to 'unlock' her)
train steal
rob X (you'll need 100gp to go get poison if you didn't pick it up before. You might not 
have enough exp to train magic missile so you'll have to do the Hal's deed quest which 
requires the poison)
train climb (if you can - you'll need a rank of 3 to climb to the temple)
poison meat
give meat to dogs (dogs will die - don't bother with the blood, it's a BAD red herring)
show gold to jed 
open trunk
get circlet
get deed
get notes
give notes to carrie (after having fun with selkie sans dogs - selkie will enter. Unlocks 
carrie as selkie will help)
give deed to hal (you'll get perfume)
climb wall (from the alleyway into thieves guild)
ressurrect jill (in mausoleum - she's a succubus, she CAN KILL YOU)
tell hal about jill 
hal kiss jill (in mausoleum - interesting death scene here)
train magic missile
give sphere to melvin
ask elder about caroline (get RESSURRECT skill)
kill melvin (you'll be sent outside and now he's 'open' to attack)
cast magic missile at melvin 
throw dagger at melvin (these two can be done in either order)
get amulet
give amulet to king harmon (you'll get 200 gold - he'll ask for the book. You can't give 
him the book until you get the shrink potion)
give circlet to merna (path in from base of mountain - e s s. path out is n e. She'll give 
you the Dryad's Kiss and now be unlocked)
[go to hole]
cast magic missle at goblin chief
kill goblin chief
get blood
give goblin blood to caroline (get shrink potion)
give human blood to caroline (learn to read arcane languages - try reading the dusty book 
now - caroline should be unlocked by now)
climb rock (from cleft in mountain)
kill ghost
turn ghost (you only have like 3 turns to do this or you'll die)
pleasure statue (aline must have more than 200 arousal - you'll get moved away and get 
the strange fluid)
[inside fortress keep] - There are two paths here. You can get EITHER the Dark Gem 
or Jedimah's Holy symbol but not both. 
Dark Gem
put mirror on statue (altar will be destroyed, Dark Gem will spawn, Jedimah will spawn, 
Elizabeth should be unlocked for rudimentary sex)

Jedimah's Holy Symbol -
give rose to elizabeth
give chocolates to elizabeth
give perfume to elizabeth - (she should now be unlocked for kissing and eventually 
aline suck dick (if she's arroused enough, she and elizabeth will pleasure you)
fuck aline (mat's gotta be around and this will turn elizabeth on a lot)
aline lick elizabeth's pussy (if aline's arroused enough)
fuck elizabeth (do the above three until she's willing. You will need the strange fluid to do 
this as well as Mat and Aline in the room. This will destroy the altar, spawn Jedimah's 
holy symbol, and spawn Jedimah)

[Go back to King Harmon] 
give book to king harmon (you need the shrink potion. He'll throw you in jail If you gave 
Carrie the notes, Jed will be here and attack you)
drink shrink potion (gail MUST be in the room and as there is no other way out, if you 
didnt invite her before, you'll have to cheat)
ask jailer about escape (not required - he will ask you for the heart of the creature)

(talk to the shade, he'll tell you that he will help kill the creature. Go to the barracks 
which is the room with all the skeletons but no skulls)

reach into hole (this will spawn the skull collector. He's a baddass and you can't kill him. 
Lead him back to the shade and the shade will kill him)
get heart
invite shade (optional - the shade will enter you. You have ten turns to give the heart to 
the jailer or the shade will kill you)
give heart to jailer (you'll get the jail key. If you invited the shade, it will invade the jailer)
open door (you need the jail key- you can now leave the prison)
[go to base of mountain]
ask harmon about book (the king will tell you that he's planning on summoning a demon 
and ask you to SUGGEST somebody for sacrafice. Don't suggest anybody yet.)
[go to merna] 
ask merna about demon (she will offer to help kill it)
[go to jedimah]
ask jedimah about demon (same)
[go to caroline]
ask caroline about demon (same)
[go to trail out of village]
(the dragon will be here. Whatever you do, DO NOT CAST MAGIC MISSILES AT 
THE DRAGON right now. If you came here directly when you noticed your trouble at 
the village, the dragon will also be here. You can cast magic missiles at him then, but if 
you do so now, he will leave and you can't win.)
ask dragon about demon (he will give you the ruby box)
ask dragon about demon (he will offer to help you kill it)
put Dryad's Kiss in box 
put Dark Gem (or Jedimah's holy symbol) in box

[Go to King Harmon at the base of the mountain]
Suggest X (you can suggest any of the women you've met. If you suggest Caroline, he'll 
laugh at you. If you suggest Aline he'll insult her. If you suggest Selkie he'll call her a 
slut. If you suggest Barmaid, he'll call her a whore. If you suggest Mary he'll laugh and 
make an comment that might be taken to mean that she's your mother. If you suggest 
Elizabeth, she will be fetched and if you didn't fuck her, she will be killed. Same for 
Carrie and Marissa. If you suggest the king he'll laugh and find his own virgin - the 
demon will be summoned and kill the king)

throw ruby box into gate (this will close the demon gate and get it to follow you. You 
can't hurt it and it can't hurt you - though that may change)
[Go to Jedimah]
kill demon (Jedimah will attack the demon and wound it, but disappear in the process. 
He is the first of five)
[Go to Merna]
kill demon (merna will attack it but be mortally wounded and retreat. If you don't go to 
Jedimah first, she won't do anything)
[Go to dragon at trail out of village]
kill demon (the dragon will attack the demon and, depending on how much you hurt it will 
either be killed, or wounded but won't leave. If the dragon is killed, once the demon is 
killed you will have won. This will spawn Gelry at the river if she's not there already) 
[Go to caronline]
kill demon (caroline will kiss the demon and weaken it but be wounded and retreat to 
her coffin)
[Go to river]
kill demon (gelry will finish off the demon. If the dragon died fighting it then it's game 
ask dragon about quest (once the demon's dead, doing this will end the game. The 
dragon will leave and you'll feel victorious but heart broken becuase your village was 

Looking back, that's fucking LONG. Oy
Now, for sex scenes (who, what, where, and what conditions)

Aline - suck dick (most places - her armor must be worn by her)
suck dick (most places - her armor must not be worn, Mat must be in room)
suck dick (fortress keep - no armor, elizabeth must be naked)
fuck (most places - no armor)
lick pussy (most places - no armor, Mat must be there)
assfuck (your room - inn, must have strange fluid, no armor, arousal > 400)
titfuck (most places - no armor)

Gelry - suck dick (must have given flower - will disappear)

Gail - suck dick (anywhere, player must be not shrunk)
suck dick (anywhere, player must be shrunk)
fuck x2 (anywhere, player must be shrunk)

Caroline - suck dick (crypt, no bodice)
titfuck (crypt, no bodice)
fuck (crypt, no bodice)
assfuck (crypt, no bodice - warning!!! The first time you try this, she will agree 
but on a condition that she can ram a dildo in YOUR ass. If you do it again, you will 
both be sodimized)

Elizabeth - suck dick (fortress keep, no robe - difficult to get to)
fuck (fortress keep, no robe, altar NOT destroyed - difficult)
fuck (fortress keep, no robe, altar destroyed)
aline lick elizabeth's pussy (fortress keep, both women naked, difficult) assfuck (fortress keep, no robe, altar destroyed, must have strange fluid) 

Merna - suck dick (dryad's grove, must have given circlet)

Selkie - suck dick (Hobble's farm)
suck dick (Hobble's house - Carrie will be 'trained')
fuck (hobble's farm, hobble's house, shorts not worn, dogs here - warning!!! the 
first time you try this, she will agree and call her dogs who will want to join in. If you do 
it again, the dogs will join in and you'll get disgusted and leave for a bit
fuck (hobble's farm, hobble's house, shorts not worn, dogs NOT here)

Carrie - suck dick (hobble's house, selkie must be in room)
fuck x2 (hobble's house, selkie must be in room for first time, not second)
lick pussy (hobble's house, selkie must be in room)

Barmaid - suck dick (your room)
fuck (your room)

Mary - suck dick (univerity, Mat must be in room. She won't do you, but she has no 
problem doing Mat)
fuck (university, Mat must be in room. She won't do you, but has no problem 
doing Mat)
lick pussy (University, Mat must be in room)

Marissa - suck dick (thieves guild, no armor - thieves will 'join in')
titfuck (thieves guild, no armor)
lick pussy (thieves guild, no armor, climb skill must be at least 1)
fuck (thieves guild, no armor, climb skill must be at least 1)

Jill - kiss (mausoleum - be careful. Each time sucks a life point)
suck dick (mausoleum - be careful, each time sucks a life point)
lick pussy (mausolem)
titfuck (mausolem)
fuck (mausolem - be careful, each time sucks a life point)
assfuck (mausoleum)

pleasure statue (temple of jedimah, Aline must be here, Aline must not be wearing 
pleasure bandits (cave, Aline must be in room, Aline must not be wearing armor, 
aline's arousal > 500)
pleasure thieves (thieves guild, aline must be in room, aline must be naked, 
marissa must be in room, mat must be in room, marissa must be naked, aline arousal > 

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