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The Burbs Walkthru
Author: Anonymous
Date: 2004

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Included with the game

Look behind couch
Ask sue about lucky dollar
Ask sue about snooping
Get paddle
Spank sue
Spank sue
Spank sue harder
Drop paddle
Rub sue’s ass
Rub sue’s thigh
Rub sue’s thigh
Search sue’s pocket
Rub sue’s panties

Look at explorer
Greet lisa
Elevate lisa’s ankle
Ice Lisa’s ankle
Tell lisa about ice pack
Discuss the stocking issue
Brace Lisa’s ankle
Ask lisa about playboy
Tell lisa about playboy
Give playboy to lisa
Ask lisa about drink
Give beer to lisa
Ask lisa about sex
Kiss lisa
Remove lisa’s blouse
Remove lisa’s bra
Remove lisa’s skirt
Rub lisa’s tits
Lick lisa’s tits
Rub lisa’s pussy
Lick lisa’s pussy
Fuck lisa
Pull out
Cum deep
turn off lisa’s cell phone
stun lisa
rape lisa
rape lisa with rubber

Get robe
Look in stall
Introduce yourself
Fix jukebox with tools
Tell loraine about jukebox
Play jukebox
Dance with loraine
Rub loraine’s ass
Kiss loraine
(Try some sex acts) --- fuck loraine’s pussy
hit loraine with bat
rape loraine
stun loraine

Check mail
Read message
Reply to message
Give office files to trish
Fuck trish’s mouth
Give bra to trish
stun trish
rape trish

give silver key to helen
look at helen’s panties
rub helen’s ass
give dildo to helen
watch helen
rub cock
rape helen

look at oshi with binoculars (from deck)
get net
net snake
give kimono to oshi
kiss oshi
(try various sex acts)
Leave oshi
Fuck oshi’s ass hard

Order drink in tavern
Ask veronica about sex
(fuck veronica’s pussy, fuck veronica’s mouth, etc.)

get camera
take larry’s picture
help debbie
rub debbie’s tits
(try various sex acts)

Grill steak
(try various sex acts)

Look at sue
Remove covers
(try various sex acts)



All walkthroughs should be considered copyrighted by their respective authors.