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Star Trek The Sexed Generation Walkthru
Author: New Kid
Date: 1998

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Walthrough by deadelvis

show orders to Imzadi
ask imzadi about me
imzadi, blow me

At this point, one should probably wander about the ship, getting an idea of what's there and who's there. Note that the following 3 areas [troi's office, troi's quarters, your quarters] can be done in any order, and in fact the 1st and 3rd can be done now, or put off until any point later in the game (at least,I think so).

Ok, so first, starting from the transporter room,
s,ne,nw,e [to troi's office]

ask troi about beverly
ask troi about ro
ask troi about imzadi
ask troi about yar
fuck troi [doesn't work, have to try elsewhere]

w,se,w,w,u,e,e,nw,n [to troi's quarters]

call troi
fuck troi [she gives you a holodeck program]
w [to her bathroom]
call troi [you may have to wait a bit before you can
type this]

fuck troi [and receive another holoprogram]
remove uniform
enter tub
call troi
fuck troi [and receive a root]
wear uniform

e,s,se,w,w,d,d,e,e,e [your quarters]
get nature program

At this point, in each of the 4 areas within your quarters (closet, main room, bathroom, and shower), you can:
call imzadi
fuck imzadi
after which you can
ask imzadi about Riker (or troi, or whoever)

You have to remove uniform to enter shower. She gives you very useful hints about each person on the crew (except for wesley). After fucking her in each of the rooms, you can go back and
repeat the rooms so you can get hints about everyone.

Now, wear your uniform again, and from the main area of your quarters:
w,sw,nw,w [to Ro's quarters]
give nature program to ro
fuck ro [then she gives you fight program]
e,se,ne,w,w,u,e,e,nw,s [to holodeck]
put fight program in port
which teaches you about fighting. Note the Tease command. You could
Put ski in port or Put therapy in port, but they don't do anything.

n,sw,w [to security headquarters]
fight yar
tease yar
You beat yar, and she rushes off to her quarters. But after whatever
type next, you are told that an alien has come onto the ship. You must
fight it.
get phaser
Wander around in the corridor until the alien appears, then type:
shoot alien with phaser
Now head to yar's quarters, which from security headquarters would be:

lick yar
yar, blow me
fuck yar
remove uniform
fuck yar [it's different with uniform off]
wear uniform
Note that it says something about the light on the security camera flickering. At this point (which you could have figured out, perhaps, from various hints which Imzadi gave you), whenever anyone has sex (besides her), a tape of it will appear in the security headquarters. However, you  only have perhaps 8 or 9 moves before the tape disappears, so you have to go straight there. So:
get you&yar tape

e,se,ne,w,w,u,u,e [to bridge]
tell data about workorder
He goes down to work on the shuttlecraft
w,d,d,e,e,sw,s [to shuttle deck]
call troi
get data tape
e,ne,se,w,w,d,d,e [to Engineering]
give data tape to laforge
He gives you a code key which you will need to use the jeffries tubes so you can make it to security headquarters quickly when a new tape is made there.

call troi
She shows, and heads off with Riker to his quarters.
drop orders
give ski program to Ro [hopefully she's in the room]
Now you can go with her to the holodeck
ro, blow me [she gives you a wedding program]
put wedding in port [you can only play the tape once]

n,se,w,w,u,u,e [to bridge]
give therapy to ro
w,d,d,e,e,nw,s [to holodeck]
lick ro [she gives you spa program]
n,se,w,w,u,e,e,nw,sw,w [into riker's room]

Don't waste any time before doing the following:
Enter tube
s,e,nw,sw,w [security]
get riker tape

e,ne,se,w,w,u,u,e [to bridge]

Hopefully Ro is here. If not, you'll have to go to wherever else she might be, perhaps in her quarters. Anyway, assuming she's on the bridge:

w,d,d,e,e,nw,sw,n [to yar's quarters]
Hopefully Ro followed you all the way. If not, go back and get her and try again. Assuming both Ro and Yar are in the room:
Lick Ro [either Ro or Yar works for these 4 actions]
ro, blow me
fuck Ro
remove uniform
fuck ro [it's different with uniform off]
wear uniform
get you&yar&ro tape

e,ne,n [sickbay]
ask crusher for date
date happens

w,w,nw,n [sickbay]
ask beverly about date
ask beverly about massage
put spa in slot
Program starts, Beverly comes in

massage back with lotion
Doesn't work properly, something's wrong with the holodeck lotion. Go
see geordi about this.
end program
enter tube
Give Riker tape to laforge
ask laforge about spa program [he fixes it for you]
get lubricant [this is not a sexual lubricant]

Another announcement about an alien. Now you have to use the lubricant to kill the alien.
put lubricant on floor
Now wait for the alien to slip and kill itself.

nw,s [to holodeck]
put spa program in slot
Beverly comes in again.
massage neck with lotion
massage back with lotion
massage legs with lotion
massage ass with lotion
Once that is done...
fuck Beverly [which she won't do here]
end program

n,se,w,w,u,e,e,sw,s [crusher family quarters]
give root to wesley
give you&yar tape to wesley

starting with clothes still on:
lick beverly
beverly, blow me
undress beverly
lick beverly
beverly, blow me
dress beverly
remove uniform
beverly, blow me
undress beverly
lick beverly
beverly, blow me
fuck beverly
fuck beverly
fuck beverly
fuck beverly

Done with this scene.
wear uniform
n,ne,w,w,d,e [to deck 3]

Another alien on the ship.
e,sw,s,enter [entering the shuttle]
Make sure the alien is in with you, and then:

push launch button
use self-destruct
use transporter

That's it!

Except that this only gives you 321 points. To get the last 2 points, go back to troi's quarters, call her, fuck her, enter tube,
tape,enter tube,w, and give the tape to laforge.

Note that the you&ro&yar tape has no purpose in the game.


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