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Softporn Adventure Walkthru
Author: Chuck Benton
Date: 1984

Walkthrough from Ultimate Game Solutions


Youíre in a bar. In your wallet is $1000. Leave the bar and go west. W.


Not much light here. Not very clean either. LOOK DESK to find a drawer thatís shut. OPEN DESK and LOOK DESK again to reveal a newspaper. TAKE PAPER. Letís see whatís inside. READ PAPER. Ah, so thatís how to play. Keep it in mind. Since we donít need the paper anymore, DROP PAPER. There are flowers. TAKE FLOWERS. Go north into the bathroom: N.


Since youíre in the bathroom, you might as well USE TOILET. While there, READ GRAFITTI. A lot of different texts but especially note the password! LOOK WASHBASIN to find a wedding ring. TAKE RING. Leave the bathroom, S, and go back to the bar, E. Leave the bar, N.

The street:

Look at the sign. So if we want to leave this place we can yell a cab. HAIL CAB. Letís try to get some money first: CASINO. Once out of the cab, turn east to the hotel, E.

Main casino room:

Youíre in front of the slot machines here. If you want you can play here, PLAY SLOTS. Itís $100 each time you spin (just Y). Just keep playing until youíve got enough money. If you want, you can try the 21 room N, and PLAY 21. Youíre asked how much to play and a few cards are being dealt.

Now the game isnít as random as thought: You have $1000
1 - bet 1000 - you get 21, bank get 20
2 - bet 100 - you get 17, bank get 20 (if you hit itís bust)
3 - bet 1900 - you get 20, bank get 22
4 - bet 100 - you get 14, hit 5, bank get 20
5 - bet 100 - you get 20, bank get 20
6 - bet 100 - you get 8, hit 2, hit 10, bank get 21
7 - bet 3700 - you get 20, bank get 24
8 - bet 7400 - you get 20, bank get 17
9 - bet 100 - you get 20, bank get 21
10 - bet 14700 - you get 8, hit 8, bank get 23 Youíll end up with $29400.

If youíre happy with your score, answer N on the play again-question, otherwise Y for another card. When youíre in the 21 room go south, S, again, Go west, W, to get back to the street and take a cab again: HAIL CAB. Letís visit the disco area: DISCO.

The pharmacy:

Weíll do some shopping first. Go east, E, and BUY RUBBER. We need to keep it safe! Enter any color, enter any flavor, choose yes or no and yes or no again. There are your rubbers. LOOK RACK to see what else theyíre selling. Magazines! BUY MAGAZINE. Then READ MAGAZINE to see the article on how to pick up a girl. Presents, dancing and wineÖ. DROP MAGAZINE. Leave the store, W, and call a taxi, HAIL CAB. Back to the BAR.

The Bar:

Enter the bar, S, and PUSH BUTTON. When asked for the password, answer BELLYBUTTON. Enter the back room, E.

The back room:

Go up the stairs, U. Since youíve got enough money, thereís no problem. You pay $1000 and youíre up with a hooker. Look at the sign. Better do so. USE RUBBER. Then FUCK HOOKER. You donít need the rubber anymore so DROP RUBBER. Thereís candy lying here. TAKE CANDY. Time to leave the place. N. Youíre on a balcony. Better not try to reach the ledge. Just go down, D.

You ended up in the dumpster. Just garbage, right? LOOK GARBAGE. Thereís an apple core. Look at it: LOOK CORE. Some seeds there. TAKE SEEDS. All you can go now is W. Youíre in the street again. HAIL CAB, to the CASINO.

The Casino:

Go east, E, to enter the casino. The east again, E, to the lobby. Take the elevator, U. Thereís a voluptuous girl. But we canít make our move yet. Go west, W, and LOOK ASHTRAY. Someone left a passcard. TAKE PASS. Now to the disco. East, E, then down, D. Youíre in the lobby again. Go west twice, W, W, and youíre in the main street. HAIL CAB to the DISCO.

The Disco:

Go north, N, to the entrance of the disco. OPEN DOOR. Since you have the pass, you can enter. Enter the disco: W. You can BUY WINE here. It takes a bit but then you can TAKE WINE. There are girls. LOOK GIRL. Get on the dancefloor, DANCE. Then try what youíve read in the magazine: GIVE CANDY, GIVE FLOWERS, GIVE RING. She wants to marry you!. Leave the disco, E. Go south, S. Thereís a bum. LOOK BUM. Heíll tell you a story for a bottle of wine. GIVE WINE. Heíll tell you a story and give you a knife. TAKE KNIFE. Since alcohol and driving donít go together, and the bum doesnít want it, go north, N, then DROP WINE, and south, S. We need to get married so HAIL CAB. Off to the CASINO.

Wedding Chappel:

Go north, N, to the Quickie Marriage Center. MARRY GIRL. The preacher take $1000, the girl $2000. She wants to meet you in the honeymoon suite. So go south, S, east twice, E, E, to the lobby. Then up, U, with the elevator. West to the suite, W, and south, S, into the room.

Honeymoon suite:

Itís a beautiful night. But the girl is nervous. She wants wine. You canít take liquor into a cab so you must think of something else. Go to the balcony, E, and LOOK HOLE. Thereís a radio. GET RADIO. LISTEN RADIO to hear a commercial about liquor. Call 555-0987. Since you donít need the radio anymore, DROP RADIO. Now all we need is a phone. There was one in the discoÖ. Go west, W, north, N, east, E, down, D, and west twice, W, W and your in the street again. HAIL CAB to the DISCO.

The disco:

Go north, N, and OPEN DOOR. Go west, W, to get inside. Go south, S, to find the phone and some numbers. CALL 555-0987 and your order has been taken. Now quickly back to the missesÖ. Go north, N, east, E, and south, S, and HAIL CAB to the CASINO

Go east twice, E, E, to the lobby. Then up, U, with the elevator. West to the suite, W, and south, S, into the room.

Honeymoon suite:

Your wine is there! FUCK GIRL. She has a surprise. She tied you to the bed. A good thing you had that knife. CUT ROPE. It might be useful so GET ROPE. Letís leave this place, north, N, east, E, and down, D, to the lobby. LOOK PLANT. There are some bushes behind it. ENTER BUSHES to go into a room you canít get out of? DROP SEEDS. There are some objects as well: TAKE STOOL, TAKE HAMMER. Can you halucinate out of here? EAT MUSHROOM. Youíre magically transfered to the bathroom of the bar.


Go south, S, to the hallway and east, E, to enter the bar. BUY WHISKEY. You pay the bartender $100 and he puts the drink on the bar. GET WHISKEY. Go west, W, to the hallway. Thereís a drunk sitting here. Give him some more. GIVE WHISKEY. You get a TV remote in return. GET CONTROL. Go east, E, back to the bar.

PUSH BUTTON and answer with BELLYBUTTON. You can go east, E, to enter the back room. Go up the stairs, U but you must leave the hooker alone. The pimp must be distracted. Thereís a TV-set. TV ON. You can choose a channel from 1 to 9. Zap a bit but eventually the pimpís attention is drawn to channel 6. Leave it with N. You donít need the remote anymore so DROP CONTROL. Now that the pimpís attention is not on the stairs, go up, U. Go north, N, to the balcony and USE ROPE to tie yourself to the railing. Go west, W, from here.

Youíre on the ledge now but you canít see much. BREAK WINDOW. You can enter the room now, S. You donít need the hammer anymore, so DROP HAMMER. Thereís not much to see. TAKE PILLS and leave the way you came. N. Youíre on the ledge again. Go east, E, to the balcony. Use the ladder, D, and west, W, out of the dumpster. HAIL CAB to the CASINO.

The casino:

Go back to the girl upstairs: east twice, E, E, and the elevator up, U. GIVE PILLS to the blonde and she leaves. PUSH BUTTON to use the elevator to the penthouse suite. Go to the kitchen, E. To read the sign near the sink LOOK SINK. But what do we carry water with? LOOK CABINET. Too high. Good thing you brought that stool. DROP STOOL. CLIMB STOOL to reach the cabinet so you can LOOK CABINET. You found a pitcher. TAKE PITCHER. Now we can take water. Use the tap. WATER ON, FILL PITCHER, WATER OFF. Leave the kitchen, W, the penthouse, PUSH BUTTON, and go down, D, to the lobby. Go through the bushes, ENTER BUSHES, to the magical place. Letís see how magical! Since we dropped the seeds already, all we have to do is WATER SEEDS. Wow, in instant tree. LOOK TREE. Thereís an apple in it. TAKE APPLE. Since we donít need to water anything anymore, DROP PITCHER. To get out of this place we need to EAT MUSHROOM. Weíre in the hallway of the bar.

The bar:

We need to get back to the penthouse again. East, E, to the bar, north, N, to the street and HAIL CAB to the CASINO.

The penthouse:

Go east twice, E, E, to the lobby and up, U, with the elevator. PUSH BUTTON to enter the foyer. Go up, U, to enter the living room. Thereís a closet. OPEN CLOSET and LOOK CLOSET. You find an inflatable doll. TAKE DOLL. Itís inflatable so INFLATE DOLL. Now you have something to play with: FUCK DOLL. Go to the porch, N, and discover the source of that sound: the jacuzzi. Enter the jacuzzi, D. Thereís a girl as well! LOOK GIRL. Maybe she wantís something to eat first. GIVE APPLE. Now sheís satisfied. FUCK GIRL.

You fucked three girls and have $25000 in your wallet.

Game source: The version we played is the original Apple II version. Others may differ in solutions. A copy of the game was found here on the internet.


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