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Return to Pleasantville Walkthru 
Author: Lamont Sanford
Date: 2013

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Walkthrough by DeusExLibris

This walkthrough is now more or less complete, although I suspect I'm still missing one or two scenes. If you know of anything that should be added to it, please email me or leave a comment.

Day 1

On day 1 you wander around Pleasantville, trying to have sex with random women. Refer to my Peril in Pleasantville walkthrough for a map, although a number of the locations from the original have either changed or are now inaccessible.

To have sex with a woman, simply 'flirt' with her. The results of this are random but can be positively influenced by a book you can buy at the mall ('look under books' to find it). Drop it after reading it.

Successfully flirting will lead to either an immediate scene or an assignation later in the day.

After 1pm you can call other people. This is buggy as picking a topic for which they have no response will end the call. The main reason to do this is so that you can ask either Becky or Olivia to go camping.

Emily (Chris, Samantha, Camping) -
Olivia (Becky, Olivia, Katie, Camping)
Becky (Camping)
Katie (Becky, Camping)


Most of the women and events appear at certain times. These are listed below.

Your house

1:16pm Mom and dad go to Ms Johnson's
2:16pm Mom and dad return
11:30pm Mom and dad having sex (you'll automatically peek into their room if you pass by)

The Johnsons' house

11:08pm Becky and Olivia leave Becky's house. At this point you can visit Ms Johnson for an interactive scene. However, she will kick you out at 1:16pm
1:20pm Mom and dad fucking Ms Johnson (x hole to see them)
3:10pm Becky swimming in her pool (x hole to see her and get a brief scene, but this closes off anything else happening with her today.
4:08pm Becky will answer the door (accept her invitation to get an interactive scene)

Linda (heavyset mom) and Rebecca (skinny mom) - they leave at 12:58pm

Flirt with both of them to arrange a date for 9pm (they live in the nice house on Berry St, which isn't mentioned)

Loren (jogger) - flirtable; leads to immediate scene
Connie (fat girl) arrives at 3:24pm and leaves at 4:50pm. If you flirt successfully she will arrange to meet you at 7:30pm at the bar. (she will arrive at 7:20pm). You will have to buy her a beer and then flirt with her when she finishes it. She will then invite you back to her place.

Chris's house
This is the nice house on the south side of Berry St where you meet up with Linda and Rebecca.
Before 1pm you can 'look over fence' to see Emily, Chris and Samantha. 

Outside cinema
11:48pm Lost tourist (Michelle) who you can help (if you do so, you will see her again outside the bar at about 4:10pm; wave to her, admit who you are, and then accept her invitation for a scene. Refusing her can supposedly lead to a scene with Justine, although I have yet to personally test this.)

Military base
10:40pm You will see Emily giving Chris a blowjob

x magazine for gratuitous content
6:50pm store is robbed - 'call police' to foil the robbery and be rewarded with a dinner at 9pm (which leads to a scene with Fatima).

opens at 1pm - Shannon (flirtable; leads to immediate scene) and Renee (flirtable, but no immediate outcome) are present

3:28pm Shannon leaves the bar (if you haven't interacted with her)
4:44pm Angela arrives at bar - flirtable; leads to immediate scene
5:24pm Angela leaves the bar (if you haven't interacted with her)
8:06pm Ms Weaver arrives at bar for her date
8:24pm two hot girls arrive at bar (Kari & Mindy) - you will be able to flirt with them later
8:28pm stunning Asian girl (Karen) arrives at bar (flirtable). When her friend Audrey arrives they will go outside; if you join them they will invite you back to their place.
8:46pm hooker thrown out of bar - you can go outside and pay her $10 for a blowjob
10:02pm Kari and Mindy start making out (no pictures)
10:04pm black girl (Tina) has argument at bar. Ask her about her boyfriend (twice), then flirt with her for an immediate scene.
10:04pm you have the opportunity to take Ms Weaver home (which leads to a scene)

10:20pm sexy girl (Kayla) enters the bar (you can also see her outside, although she will ignore you). Ask her about Renee (requires that you successfully flirted with Renee)
11:34pm you will be able to flirt with Mindy and Kari (leads to immediate scene)
11:54pm you will have another opportunity to take Ms Weaver home (which doesn't lead to a scene, and Emily's not impressed although that doesn't have any effect)
12:06am hooker tries to enter the bar again
2:00am last call; if you successfully flirted with Renee earlier (and tipped her), sticking around will lead to a scene

Comic book store

5:56pm Lindsay arrives at store. You won't be able to do anything unless you already flirted with her at the concert (see below).

Mall entrance
Mildred (crazy old lady) - flirtable; leads to immediate scene

Jewelry store (mall)
Jennifer (if you flirt with her enough she will ask you to go her house at 10pm)

Book store (mall)
Sabrina (if you flirt with her enough she will ask you to meet her outside the mall at 9pm)

look in bin
get book
buy book
read book (improves your success rate for flirting)
drop book

Clothes store (mall)
If you see Becky inside (between about 11am and 3pm), Olivia will drag you into the changing room after you enter
You can:
get a blowjob
have sex with her (get banned from mall)
leave (nothing happens)

Concert (1pm)

Ends 5:28pm
Lindsay (cute short girl) and Erica (skinhead) will arrive just after you do.
You can flirt even though you can't talk (flirting with one will alienate the other).
You can ask Erica on a date (to the bar). Buy her two beers and you will be able to make your move.
Lindsay will go to the comic store after the concert. Take the blame for the statue. You can then ask her to hang out at your house (meet outside the store at 8:58pm). Leads to interactive scene.

Concert (7pm)

Kelly (cute girl)
A drunk guy will start hitting on her. Your options are:
   punch the guy in the face (untested)
   push him and tell the guy to walk away (untested)
   ask drunk guy to leave. (he leaves, and Kelly presumably likes you more)

When the concert finishes, ask Kelly on a date and then buy her a beer. Once she's finished the beer you will have the following options:
   talk to Kelly about herself (untested)
   talk to Kelly about music (positive response)
   make some jokes to loosen her up (untested)
All going well you will have the choice of leaving with her (non-interactive scene) or staying at the bar.

Day 2

You don't have many options here. Going into the woods with Emily, or whichever girl you brought will lead to an interactive scene. Going swimming will lead to a non-interactive scene with Samantha. The rest of the day is non-interactive until...

On the run

To escape the demons:



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