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RAW's New GM Walkthru
Author: A.Bomire
Date: 2006

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Walkthrough by A. Bomire

This walkthrough is not a typical walkthrough, because there isn't a single way to win this game. The main "puzzle" of the game consists of a wrestling match against Mr. Vince McMahon. Since there are thousands
of combinations of moves you can use to win the wrestling match, there is no way I can list all of them. (well, I guess I could but I simply won't!) So, I'll list the walkthrough up to that point, and point out ways of
winning the match.

To start with, you are backstage. You kick the game off by entering the General Manager's office to SIGN the CONTRACT. After this, you can explore the rest of the arena. To trigger the next phase, you need to
leave by the exit, at which point a mysterious woman will appear to talk to you. This phase is simply plot exposition, so TALK TO WOMAN a few times to get her to reveal that she is Stephanie McMahon, and that
she wants to be the new General Manager of RAW. Now, you can leave again.

The scene will change to later that night, and you will have a couple of turns to prepare to enter the arena, but eventually you will hear Vince McMahon call you down to the ring. From Backstage, go SOUTH to the ring,
and you will confront Vince McMahon. This is more plot exposition, so TALK TO VINCE a few times to convince him to wrestle you for the General Manager's position. When you leave the ring, Vince will attack you.

The scene will change again to Wrestlemania. You can wander backstage some more, but eventually head to the ring where the steel cage ladder match will begin against Vince McMahon.

The wrestling match is as close as I could make it to a real match. You have a wide variety of moves to use. Some of the moves you cannot use unless Vince McMahon is stunned, such as the power moves (see later).
Good combinations involve doing an IRISH WHIP followed by a move like CLOTHESLINE or DROP KICK. Another good combo is the TURNBUCKLE SMASH followed by BODY PRESS. Watch your's and Vince's power status at
the top of the screen. When you wear Vince down enough that he is stunned - "(S)" after his name - then perform one of the power moves: DDT, PowerBomb, Pile Driver, or Power Slam. Once Vince's power is down
to 0%, you should be able to retrieve the briefcase by climbing the ladder.

Good news - just like a real match, you can get an adrenaline surge if you are being beaten. When your power drops low enough, you will be too stunned to wrestle. Not long after that, you will get the typical
wrestling adrenaline surge that will bring you back up to a power level from which to continue wrestling. This only happens once, so don't blow it the second time!

When you've won, you will be returned backstage after the arena has cleared out. You can leave the game a winner, or go to the General Manager's office to see Stephanie waiting to give you your reward.


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