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The Princess and the Dragon
Author: Rogue AI
Date: 2011

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Walkthrough for the AIF game The Princess and the Dragon

The Princess and the Dragon game was written for the 2011 Mini-comp hosted by the Erin newsletter.

Any comments about the game may be sent to Rogue AI at RogueAIF@gmail.com.

Introduction Ė Set-up
The introduction section lays out the basic plot: you are an ex-special forces soldier, hired by the father of a kidnap-victim in Bali to rescue her and return her to him. Simple enough right?
You spend several weeks (cut scene as part of the introduction) tracking her down, and the game begins as you are stealthily assaulting the location where she is being kept, in order to extract her to the presumably loving arms of her father.

Section 1 Ė Break-in
You start in the grounds of the compound where she is being kept. Behind you are the walls of the compound, ahead of you lies the grounds and the house. There are several guards on patrol there, but you know from your surveillance that theyíll move on in a few minutes on their circuit around the house.

* So you can either wait a few rounds or inspect yourself/your equipment.

Once they have left to walk around the house, you have a limited amount of time before they return and shoot you dead, if they spot you.

* Walk east

Now you need to find a way up onto the balcony above, where they are keeping the damsel de jour. Luckily, you have your trusty climbing equipment handy, so use your rope and grapple to climb it. Donít forget to take the rope afterwards or the guards might view it as a little suspicious and investigate.

* Throw (rope or grapple) at balcony
* Climb rope
* Take rope

Section 2 Ė Assault
Once on the balcony you can see your target in the lit room, along with the dastard who took her, the sinister Dragon. You can either stick around and listen to their conversation and activities, or attack through the window. Either way, eventually youíll have to attack (or you could be shot dead, if thatís your bag, I guess), so Iíll move on to the attack portion.

* Wait
* Attack the Dragon

You have a choice as to your means of attack. You can go in through the window (east or in); you can shoot at the Dragon; or you can throw your CS gas or flash-bang into the room. Itís up to you to kill or disable him whichever method you choose. Remember you can use all of the above attacks, thatís just laying them out for you.

* Shoot the dragon
* Throw CS at Dragon
* Throw Flashbang at Dragon
* East (or In)

Once he is disabled or killed, you can enter the room and call Sofia (the Princess) to you, by either picking her up, or telling her to follow you. Either method works equally well.

* Take Sofia
* Sofia, follow me

Once you have her, you make a daring (automatic) escape ahead of the Dragonís goons.

Section 3 Ė Back at the safe-house
You call her father, telling him you have successfully retrieved his wayward daughter from the evil kidnappers, and he tells you thereís a private plane waiting, but it canít leave until around dawn. You return to your safe-house (the motel room youíve been staying in) and settle in to wait.

At this point, you have to talk to Sofia and get her side of it all. She will ask you, at certain points, not to return her to her father for various decent reasons. Read them and see. The ways in which you decide should be very clear, and come in the form of topics suggestions. If you want to skip right to the decisions, you can ask her about the plane, or leaving, or the airport.

* Talk to Sofia
* Topics
* (talk to her about the topics)
* Ask Sofia about leaving (or plane, airport, trip)

When you are ready to leave, you can go out the door (west), ending the game.


But before that, she throws herself at you. Surprising, yes? It shouldnít be.

So, here we go. Once youíve decided what you want to do with her, send her home, let her go, etc., she will either try to change your mind or reward you, both using her nubile body. So make a choice, you can always change it later, unless you choose to leave with her, in which case the game assumes you wonít be a douche and change your mind later. Also, she stops bugging you about it.

If you initiate any sexual interaction with her and youíre not on the bed, you will be transported there. As Iíve mentioned in the read me, the game uses a series of continual actions for sex: you can kiss her, then rub her ass, and youíll keep kissing her. If she, for example, is rubbing your manly parts, and you attempt to enter her, sheíll stop doing so with an appropriate message. If you are licking her and you tell her to rub your cock, the text will tell you that you are keeping on licking her. And so forth.

To keep track of what you are doing at any one time, you can examine Sofia or Yourself. Included in the description will be a list (in sentence form) of what each of you is doing right then.

Also, once youíve had vaginal sex with her, she wonít let you do it again, because sheís sore, unless you do some specific things which are multiple actions (rubbing her pussy while licking it, several times, or licking her while rubbing it) which will get her going again. After that, she wonít let you have sex with her any more. But thereís lots more you can do, so thatís not all that bad.

She does not like the bottom play, and will tell you so. The most you can do with her rear end is rub it.

She will also, off her own bat, occasionally masturbate if you arenít actively doing anything with her lady parts. Hey, allís fair, right?
All actions can be repeated (ie. they donít trigger cut scenes, they allow continuous flow that you can do as you like). They must be repeated, in fact, for either of you to orgasm, although there is no arousal system in use.

Section 4 Ė Ending the game
Once you have finished with the sex (there is no set end point, so up to you when this is), you can leave (west) and end the game. Sheíll try to talk you around one last time, if you havenít made her preferred decision, but after that you leave and head to the airport (or wherever).

If such is your choice, you return her to her fatherís estate and debrief him. Depending on your decisions up until that point, the game ends in different ways. One of them even includes your death, so pick your words carefully.

Final notes
Here are the actions you can take with Sofia, and the Topics sheís been programmed to talk about.

Sexual actions
* Rub (pussy, ass, breasts, cock)
* Lick (pussy, breasts)
* Fuck (mouth, pussy, breasts)
* Kiss Sofia
* Sofia, Rub (pussy, ass, breasts, cock)
* Sofia, Lick (cock)
* Sofia, Kiss me

Topics for discussion
You can ask about: (each is the same topic, the list is a selection of vocab you can use)
* Derek Guyle, the Dragon, kidnapper
* Compund, Derekís house
* Kidnapping, ransom
* Harry, father, dad
* Holiday, Bali
* Life at home, plan
* Rape, violence, cruelty
* School, teachers
* Running away, flee
* Mother, parents, family
* Friends
* Age, how old
* Me, Kestrel
* Sofia, her, you
* Shower
* Jeremy
* Leaving, plane, trip, airport
* Sex, boys, fucking, boyfriend
* Pleasuring yourself, masturbation, jilling off
* (Various body parts)

If you have any other questions, contact Rogue AI at RogueAIF@gmail.com.

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