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Office Fantasy: The Boss' Wife Walkthru
Author: A.Bomire
Date: 2008

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Walkthrough by A. Bomire

This game, while an extension of, or in addition to, my other "Office Fantasy" game is a completely stand alone game. None of the information that you may have from the other game will be needed to play or enjoy this game.

Much of this game is timed, meaning that you only have a certain number of turns to perform the tasks required before you fail. A simple example is when your phone rings. People calling are not going to wait all day for you to answer your phone, so be sure to answer it within a reasonable time. After all - it's your job! You don't want to be fired, do you?

The game starts out with you in the office. You can take a few turns to explore, but remember your job. When the phone rings, you need to answer it ("ANSWER PHONE"). When you do, you'll take down a phone message. This message will be placed on your desk.

Right after this, your boss will arrive. Retrieve the message from your desk and take it to your boss.

To do this, you need to access your computer ("ACCESS COMPUTER"). To check Mr. Arnoldson's calendar, choose option #2 from the menu that pops up. You learn he has a meeting, and automatically contact him. Your boss tells you to call the people involved and reschedule, and you are given the hint to dig out the project folder.

The folders are in your desk, specifically the left drawer. Open it, and then search the folders "SEARCH FOLDERS". You can search the folders at any time during the game, but only after Mr. Arnoldson has asked you to reschedule the meeting will it be of any benefit. You find the correct folder and place it on your desk, open to the call sheet.

To contact the people on the project, you can "CALL SHEET" or "CALL NAMES", and you will receive a description of calling the people listed on the contact sheet. You now need to let Mr. Arnoldson know about it.

You can either go into his office and TALK TO ARNOLDSON, or you can TELL ARNOLDSON ABOUT MEETING, or you can CALL ARNOLDSON from your desk to use the phone/intercom. You boss calls Melanie. While he is on the phone with her, his line rings, and then your line rings. Once again, "ANSWER PHONE". It is his wife, and she will be stopping in to see Mr. Arnoldson this afternoon. She hangs up before you can tell her about his meeting, and Mr. Arnoldson comes out of his office. You automatically tell
him about his wife, but he leaves for his "lunch meeting" with Melanie. The morning is over and you head for lunch.

When you get back from lunch, there is a stack of mail on your desk. Your job is to get rid of the junk mail so "SEARCH MAIL" to find the junk mail. This will leave you with only a credit card bill. By this time, Mrs. Anderson (Liz) will arrive. She will go into his office to wait.

You will have received a hint that you need to put the credit card bill on Mr. Arnoldson's desk, so go do that now. (It might be sitting on your desk.) Or, you can give it directly to Liz. Regardless of how you do it, she will get the bill and open it, finding all of his charges to local hotels. If you haven't figured it out yet, Mr. Arnoldson is having an affair with Melanie, a connection that Liz makes when reading the bill. She asks for a drink.

This is the part of the game for which I received the most comments, or complaints. Where is the #$@%$# key?!?! The key to the liquor cabinet is in Mr. Arnoldson's desk, specifically his lap drawer. The puzzle is designed based upon my typical drawers - i.e., there is a lot of stuff in there, and even though you know what you want is in there you have to hunt around for it. So, "SEARCH LAP DRAWER" and you should find the key.

Using the key, unlock the liquor cabinet and then open it. Get a glass, and "POUR DRINK". Give the glass to Liz.

Liz will be obviously upset after having her drink (and another one you automatically pour for her). You can "COMFORT LIZ" or "HUG LIZ". Liz will be appreciative and kiss your cheek. She looks like she is ready for more.

You can decide now whether to move forward with Liz, or let her go on her way. If you want to move forward, just give her a kiss. From here on out, you will be involved in a sex scene with Liz and you probably don't need my help with that!


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