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Office Fantasy: Working Late Walkthru
Author: A.Bomire
Date: 2008

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Walkthrough by A. Bomire

Before I begin the actual step-by-step walkthrough, here are some hints for play:

1) A lot of the game relies upon making use of one or more computers. Be sure to access the HELP section (by typing INFO or HELP) and read up on how to use computers.
2) As you explore the computers and the office, you will find lots of information that you can use against either Melanie or Lacy. Make sure to be careful, as trying to use the wrong information can get you in a lot of trouble - even fired.
3) Last but not least, NOT making use of some of the information you find can be even more beneficial than actually making use of it.

Okay, if you are still looking for a step-by-step, here we go. This is your last chance to bail out before reading any spoilers!

The game starts with a choice of which part of the project to work upon. Your choice actually doesn't matter - Melanie will just assign you to check the facts if you don't
select it yourself.

Go to the main office, and ACCESS COMPUTER to access your computer. Choose the menu option to access "The company database" (option 2). This will perform the fact checking.

Lacy isn't done yet, so now you can waste time browsing the web. Look up information on Lacy and Melanie.

You need a computer with more access to see the restricted web sites, and Melanie's computer is probably it. She won't let you use her computer unless yours is broken, so BREAK COMPUTER.

Now go into Melanie's office, and either ASK MELANIE ABOUT COMPUTER or simply TALK TO MELANIE. If you choose the latter, select the menu option to ask her "Can I use your computer?" Melanie will go to the other room, giving you free access to her office.

You can LOOK UP LACY or LOOK UP MELANIE now, and get more details about either of them. Actually, Melanie's isn't all that interesting, but what about Lacy! You discover that she has posed for some pornographic websites, and print out the evidence. You can pick it up later from the printer, but for now you still want to look around Melanie's office.

If you ACCESS COMPUTER, you can try to access Melanie's Instant Message (IM) program. It's locked with a password. Open up her right drawer to reveal Melanie's purse. Open that to reveal some personal items, some keys, and a scrap of paper. The keys will unlock the file cabinet if you want to snoop around the personnel files of your co-workers. The scrap of paper has a password on it - lovergirl.

ACCESS COMPUTER again, and choose option 3 - Melanie's Instant Messenger. Enter the password you found, and you will find out that Melanie is having meetings about a secret "project" with her boss - Mr. Arnoldson. In fact, the two of them have been sending messages to each other all night instead of working.

You can continue snooping if you want, but you are all finished here. Be sure to put everything back in Melanie's purse, and close the drawers. Then leave.

Back in the main office, check the printer for the printouts. GET PAGES.

Confront Lacy with the evidence. You can give her the pages or simply show them to her. Lacy vows to do whatever you want if you'll keep her secret for her.

From here, the game can proceed down at least two paths. The first one is if you do nothing with your evidence. The second one is if you destroy the evidence by putting it in the shredder. Both paths lead to a sexual encounter with Lacy, but the two encounters  are different. You need to decide BEFORE you confront Melanie, as after that you won't have an opportunity.

After you decide what to do, go into the conference room and either ASK MELANIE ABOUT ARNOLDSON, or TALK TO MELANIE and choose the option to "Tell Melanie to meet Mr.  Arnoldson". Melanie will decide to leave and meet Mr. Arnoldson, leaving you and Lacy alone. At this point, you can have a sexual encounter with Lacy.

If you destroyed the evidence, then Lacy is much more open and warm with you. If you didn't, then Lacy will be much colder and formal.

Here are some things you might try:

- Look up information on your other co-workers
- Snoop around in the file cabinet for information on your co-workers
- Try talking to Melanie about an upcoming promotion - she will attempt to distract you from the conversation
- Try confronting Melanie about her giving the promotion to Greg
- Try telling Melanie that you are finished with your work
- Try showing your evidene against Lacy to Melanie

And to answer a question that I get a lot - No, you cannot have a sexual encounter with Melanie. To begin with, doing so would violate the rules of the mini-comp. Besides that, if you explore Melanie's office enough you will discover that she is just using your attraction for her to have you do her work for her. She is actually having an affair with Mr. Arnoldson.

All walkthroughs should be considered copyrighted by their respective authors.