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Namiki's Day Walkthru
Author: Taleweaver
Date: 2004


Included by the author with the game

The Basics:
Like Namiki tells you, your main objective is to get out of the house. This is surprisingly simple to accomplish: all you have to do is find something to wear your grandfather approves of and wash.

In your bedroom, there is a large chest containing Namiki's traditional clothing. Take and wear the kimono and the hairpins. (Drop the nightgown she's wearing first, however. Wearing a nightgown under a kimono looks goofy.

Next, find the bathroom. It is located to the north of the bedroom, in the north-eastern corner of the hallway. Just get in there and "wash". Yup, "wash" is all you need to type.

Now go to the far western corner of the hallway (ignoring the maid; she's not allowed to talk to you anyway) and through the door to the west. You're now in the living room with Namiki's grandfather. If you try to leave the house to the east, gramps will complain you're trying to go without his permission. Alright... just "ask for permission". In a kimono and hairpins, properly washed, going out is fine for gramps and he'll let you go. Unfortunately, you cannot go back into the house from that point on because grandpa will hear it and suspect you're trying something fishy.

Leave to the west and check the shoe shelf. Take the getas, wear them and leave the house. Head to the north where the garage is, then "enter car". Exit.

Not satisfied with double-window-shopping? Try a different approach.

As usual, wear your kimono and hairpins but also look in the dresser where all your good stuff is. Take the handbag and makeup kit and take a look in the handbag. Head for the bathroom, wash as usual then use the makeup and the lipstick while still in the bathroom.

Next, visit your mother; she's in the room to the west of the bathroom. Look at her and you'll find out that Namiki believes she needs some tea. Do her a favor. Go to the tea room - it's in the south-east corner of the hallway. Everything you need is already there, so just "make tea". Take the tea bowl with you afterwards and give it to your mother. She'll ask you for another favor and give you a key.

In the room to the south-west of the hallway, open the container - as you're holding the key, Namiki will automatically unlock it. Do as mother told you then look into the container. Take the bag you find there and close the box again. Also look at the board in the room - there's some incense on it. Take it.

Now head for the gardens, just opposite of your bedroom. Go right straight to the east up to your family shrine. While holding the incense, "pray"... well, who says your ancestors won't be useful?

Head to your bedroom. Take all the clothing you want from your dresser, open the tennis bag, put all the modern things into the tennis bag and close it again. Now go to your grandfather and ask for permission. You've played tennis before, so your grandfather won't mind you taking a tennis bag with you - you're probably just going to the tennis court. Leave the room to the west then reopen your tennis bag and wear all the neat clothing. Put your kimono and hairpins into the bag, look at the shoe shelf and wear your trendy boots. Now leave the house, and if you're dressed sharp and sweet, Namiki won't have a problem with leaving through the front gate.

What - still a few points missing from the top score? What could you be missing? Check out Namiki's bedroom again for the bonus points. First of all, she's a good girl and makes her bed alone - "fold up futon" will be fine. Secondly, aren't you curious about that weird-looking tatami mat? Open it and have a look inside. And thirdly, Namiki likes good music. Find her a nice CD and play it for her.

Other things you can do which won't affect the score:
Ask your cook for food, ask your mother about your father, wear your kendo attire (and return it to the stand afterwards).


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