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Marika The Offering Walkthru
Author: James Webb (revgiblet)
Date: 2007

Included with the game

There are five ways for The Count to get into the room. Here they are, complete with the quickest way to block them off.

The Window

Nice and obvious. Closing the window is not enough. You need to lock it too. Examine your hair to find the hairpin. You can then lock the window.

The Fireplace

Another obvious entry point. Examine the bed and read the note that you find. Then breathe on the mirror to reveal a message. Follow the instructions given to find the iron rod. If you haven't already done so then examine the floor. You can use the iron rod to lift up the loose flagstone and then examine the hole to find some useful items. Read the letter (you don't have to). You'll then need to break the chair. Move the wood to the fireplace and then burn the letter.

The Gap Under the Door

Use the blanket from the bed to block the gap.

The Keyhole in the Door

Use the rag that you found under the floor to block the keyhole.

The Floor

Remember to replace the stone that you lifted to get the stuff under the floor!

That's all that you need to know.


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