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Making the Grade Walkthru
Author: Sly Dog
Date: 2004

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Walkthrough by Sly Dog

Here are some things to do at St Warburg's
Talking is always good. Also many of the characters know something about each other, if you ask them.
I've tried to put in lots of props, mostly for colour, including a few you don't need. Do read any notices about the place.

You can look around the school before the day starts, but it'll be pretty empty. Beware, if you take things now, not all will happen later (notably, look at Charlene's stuff in the school secretary's office, but put it back!)

School will start filling up after you've been for a swim with Charlene. Do remember to change first, else you'll get wet. She wants help with her strokes, but if you rush to the obvious you'll be disappointed. Get past this and whip her top off and she'll have to leave. Keep your activities under water and you'll get further but she will remain frustrated.

To go swimming you'll nedd to be holding your trunks and then CHANGE in the boys' changing. To leave the Sports' Centre later, you'll have to have changed again.

Once Charlene has got changed, school will start filling up.

Things you can do now:
Talk to Charlene in her office. This will be boring unless you have not removed her toy from her desk drawer earlier. It will also be boring unless you took the chance to feel her up good and proper in the pool. If all has gone well, she'll leave you to watch the office whilst she goes to the restrooms, but Mr Kaine will show up and if you talk to him you can nip out and look at her under the stall door (you'll note that it is locked but doesn't reach the floor.) You don't need any of this to win the game.

Water the plant outside Mrs Neverenough's office. There's a cup on the watercooler here that you can fill with water in the Sports Centre or the South Quad. You can also try drinking this water but the worst that happens is that you vomit. When you next talk to Mrs Neverenough, she'll give you a lollipop and later you can have a chummy chat and look down her top. That's all you can do with her.

Talk to Raleigh. Unless you're behind the bike sheds with her, she'll hint that she wants to meet you there. If you have the lollipop, she'll stay and you can keep talking. By all means, have your wicked way with her, but remember she's only 15 so it does have consequences. Kissing, rubbing bits and so on is safe. You can try other stuff safely. None of this do you need to win.
Watch the gymanastics for a while (Jilly and Jenny appear in the gym at the beginning of the day). Look out for something they drop. When you've watched for a while, they'll go to get changed. You can knock on the door to the girls' changing area, which is now locked from the inside, but they won't be interested unless you have the thing that they lost. If you get in, talk and kiss then you might get to shower with them, if you've brought some soap (you'll have needed to find it in the boys' showers earlier). If not you can still win. In the showers, it's all about washing. Of course, you can only get in if you're naked, then they'll join you. To increase your prediction in General Studies, you'll need to have knocked on the door when you were holding the necklace. If this scene doesn't work, you need to know something about their clothing for the old perv.

Talk to Miss Ingout (in the science classroom). She'll want you to mend the microscope, so you'll need something (check out the boiler room where there might be some tools). After you've talk to her, she'll be holding the lost part which you can ask for, get or take. Then she'll set up the microscope for you to look through, then'll she'll look and you can peer over her shoulder, rubbing up against her....If you get this done before she decides to leave, you can talk to her later in the staffroom and the she'll give you a surprise in the stock cupboard. To increase your predication in science you need to mend the microscope. If it goes wrong after this, you'll need to know about the monogram on her undies for the old perv later (actually, this is guessable)
Go to the Humanities room. You'll need to talk to the students in there before going off to talk to Mr Kaine. He'll come back and you'll need to listen to what he says and then blame someone for what's happened. You can blame yourself, gallantly, but it may do you no good, blame Isabel, but that's hardly fair, or blame the students. If you do, Isabel will be grateful and you can talk to her later in the locker room.

In the locker room: talk to Isabel. Take the hint and kiss her but you'll find that she's rather conservative and won't be up for much more (other characters could have told you this before). Best save before exploring her further. To increase your grade in Humanties, you'll need to have blamed the students to Mr Kaine. If you upset Isabel with your attempts to do too much with her, you'll need to answer a simple geography question for Mr Kaine later.

Finally Dr Death. She's wandering about to start with until you talk to her when she rushes off. Follow her, look at her (again, you'll need to look under the stall door first) then go back and find her secret in the cistern. You'll need to shut the toilet first to get to the cistern but trying without is a harmless distraction. Take the secret thing and talk to her again. She'll offer to meet you later and arrange private lessons. When you next meet her, talk again and arrange a private place (two choices work, one near the gym and one near the lobby). When you meet her there, talk once more, make your choice then you may be able to get to know her better. You'll find she has a strange idea of fidelity to her hubbie. To increase your perdiction in maths, you'll need to have met Dr death for a private lesson. If you upset her, you'll need to be able to tell the old perv a little about her clothing later.

If you've managed all this, without upsetting the people who can help you with your grades, you'll have won! If not, best go and talk to Mr Kaine some more and if you can answer his questions correctly, you can still win.

There's a lost briefcase somewhere that's not really important. You can find your school file in Mr Kaine's filing cabinet once he's dropped his key during a conversation. This isn't essential, but adds interest. In the Maths room you can write repeatedly on the board (read it after each time) with the chalk and clean it off with the rubber (in the front desk) to impress the teacher. There's a few red herrings in here: look under the pile in the sports store and in the boiler. The janitor is also a fishy character. You can throw the board rubber.


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