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You've Got Mail/Mailman Walkthru
Author: Broken Knight
Date: 2015

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Achievements are marked with an asterisk. Actions listed for sex scenes are non-exhaustive.

Day 1

Mail Truck
x school letter
get school letter
x oblong package
get oblong package
open glovebox
get bottle of whiskey

Convenience Store
get condoms

Abandoned Parking Lot
search junk
search couch

Kendra's Front Porch
East; First time visited (*Today, I let the mailman know I needed a babysitter)

Community Park
North; after visiting Kendra's Front Porch (*because even time alone in the backyard wasn't helping)

Julia's Front Yard

Give package to Julia

Julia's Back Yard
Climb tree (*Performed Market Research on Julia)

Western Block
West; Yes (*Initially, you agreed to trade some mail for an opportunity) 

North Block
North; North; offer magazine to Vlad

Nika's Bedroom
turn clock x2

fuck Nika; without condom

Day 2

Julia's Front Yard
ask julia about package

show cock to julia (*Offered a Superior Phallic Product)

Julia's Living Room
get cross

Julia's Kitchen
open cupboards
get gin

Julia's Bathroom
get lotion

Julia's Bedroom
ask Julia about dance (while she is fully clothed; kiss her and rub bodyparts first;*Encouraged Clothing Innovation)

rub Julia's pussy (after removing her slacks, but while she is wearing her panties; she will remove them and throw them in the washing basket)
rub Julia's pussy (*Analyzed Vaginal Penetration Potential)
lick Julia's pussy (*Performed Vaginal Fluid Level Analysis)
Julia, rub cock (don't admit to Julia that you've beat off while thinking about her; *Shared Hands-on Product Evaluation) OR (admit to Julia that you've beat off while thinking about her; *Demonstrated Special Hand Cream Feature) OR (if you're still wearing your uniform; *Business Expense Incurred: Cleaning Bill)

Julia, suck cock (don't warn Julia of your impending explosion; *Exceeded Mouth Volume Expectations) OR (warn Julia of your impending explosion; *Incentivized Julias Oral Action)
*Demonstrated Product Superiority (fuck Julia)
*Performed Customer Driven Product Demo (Julia, fuck me)
*Unauthorized Testing of Alternate Anal Feature (surprise Julia with a cock up her ass) OR *Reconfigured Product for Anal Functionality (fuck Julia's ass without having surprised her first)

Julia's Bedroom - After sex scene
get panties

North Block
North; offer Julia's panties to Vlad

Nika's Bedroom
lick pussy

fuck Nika; without condom

Day 3

Mail Truck
x damaged package
get damaged package
open damaged package
read magazine
x school letter
get school letter
x fragile package
get fragile package

Closed Wine Bar
x wine bar package
open wine bar package

Western Block

Andrea's Yard

Kendra's Kitchen
get orange juice

Andrea's Living Room
First time visited (*Mimosas, the Real Breakfast of Champions)
drink mimosa x2
(*Expanded your Knowledge of Worthless Things; listen to Andrea wax philosophical)
search bookshelf
read encyclopedia
give whiskey to Andrea (*Wishing it wasn't Whiskey)
give wine to Andrea (*Wine & Dine, without the Dine) OR give gin to Andrea (*Gin, hold the Tonic) OR give beer to andrea (*Don't ask where I got this Beer...)
eastAndrea, suck cock (*How About a Protein Shake?)Andrea, fuck me (*Community Cock Service)fuck Andrea (*Equality of Cock Distribution)
give rum to Andrea (*Rum-body drank too much!; Andrea passes out)
Be the good guy and leave her in peace? (*The Gentleman's Choice; you will get another achievement on day 4) OR fuck ass (*Your Ass is Mine)

Julia's Landing
East (*Enrolled Kathy in Private Sex Ed)

Kathy's Room
Ask Kathy about sex x2
Ask Kathy about breasts x2
Ask Kathy about pussy x2
Ask Kathy about cock x2 (*SEX 101: The Basics)
Kathy, rub breasts (*BR 101: Why Breasts are Great)
Kathy, rub pussy (*PS 101: Enjoying Alone Time)
rub pussy (don't put finger in ass; *PS 111: Fun With Fingers) OR (put finger in ass; *PS 112: 2 to 1, Understanding the Pink/Stink Ratio)
Kathy, rub cock (warn her before you cum; *CK 101: How to Give a Hand Job) OR (don't warn her before you cum; *CK 102: The Dangers of Exploding Cocks)
lick pussy (*PS 204: Checking Vaginal Fluids)
Kathy, suck cock (cum on her face; CK 202: Face Painting with Cum) OR (don't cum on her face; CK 205: Cum - A Woman's Delicacy)
put cross in pussy (*PS 315: The Religion of Ecstasy) OR put cross in ass (*AS 315: Blasphemy in the Bedroom)
fuck Kathy (*PS 301: Sacrificing Your Virginity) OR fuck ass (*

AS 304: Protecting your Virginity)

Day 4
Agree to forge the letters for Tobi (*and later blackmailed a very desperate teenager in need of a favor)
If you didn't take advantage of Andrea (*Sometimes it Pays to be Patient)

Tobi's Bedroom
rub tits (gentle; *which was repaid by letting you do your favorite thing to her wonderful tits)
rub tits (rough; *which she repaid by letting you do two different things to her tits)
lick tits (rough; *which she repaid by letting you do three different things to her tits)
lick tits (gentle; *which she repaid by letting you do four different things to her tits)
fuck tits (gentle; *which she repaid by letting you do six different things to her tits) 

fuck tits (rough; *which she repaid by letting you do five different things to her tits)
fuck tits (gentle; *which she repaid by letting you do all seven different things to her tits)

If you're predominantly gentle she will eventually reward you with a blow job. If you're predominantly rough, she will eventually offer sex to get you to stop
Tobi, suck cock (*before discovering her taste for for your cum!) OR fuck Tobi (*before ultimately pounding her pussy and fleeing from her father!)

look under bed
ask tobi about baby

North Block
North; offer Tobi's bra to Vlad

Nika's Bedroom
fuck Nika; without condom (*You gave Nika the one thing she really wanted - a Baby)

Kendra's Front Porch
East (*and he found someone to babysit! That would have made my day already, but then he took it one step further, and offered me a wonderful massage)

Kendra's Living Room
rub back x2
rub legs x2 (*After a while he suggested a full body massage)
cum in lotion

Kendra's Bedroom
rub back x2
rub legs x2 (*and while I got ready he fetched the loveliest lotion I've ever used)
rub pussy (*His hands were like magic, and when they brought a wave of pleasure to my womanhood, I could deny him no longer)
Kendra, fuck me (*We made love with a passion that Samuel has never shown, and I felt like a queen when he let me ride on top of him) OR fuck Kendra (*We made love with a passion that Samuel has never shown, and he pounded me so hard my whole body shook.)
fuck tits (*He made love to my tits as well, something that feels shameful, but I can't deny that it was wonderful to see the pleasure on his face as he used them.)
fuck ass (*I also shared my ass with him, something I've never done before, and I must say it was quite unique!)
South (*I could have spent all day making love to him, but Samuel showed up, and my new lover barely made it out in time!)

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