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Love For Real Walkthru
Author: Renata Burianova
Date: 2001


Inside the cabin sit on the bed to talk with your spouse. Open the wardrobe, get and wear your clothes, open the door and go out.

At the bar open the wallet, get your cards from it and buy the drink.


When you arrive to the village, go to the pub. Once you're in there talk to the server. She will give you a beer.

Inside the farm house give the beer to the thirsty farmer. Now you can take a sack of corn on the field outside.

In the residential area give the corn to the old woman. She will reward you with a ring.

Inside the grocery store pay the shopkeeper with the ring and you'll get a box of food.

On the market you can sell the box to a merchant for a few ancient coins.


When you come to the ferry, pay the ferryman with the coins. He will take you to the other side of the river.

Once there, get on the camel standing nearby. This way you can cross the desert and arrive to the temple finally. Get off the camel so you can go inside.

By the statue of Re, examine the table and get a knife and a cup. Go back to your camel and kill it. You will take his blood and meat automatically.

Back at the statue, you need to sacrifice the camel's meat, then his blood. You will be transported in front of a palace...

Go to the palace gardens. Get the vase and some water in it. Water the flowers for a while. Sit on the bench and talk to the Prince/Princess. You'll be taken to the pyramids.

Outside the Great Pyramid take the lantern and pray to Re.

At the Pharaoh's tomb you will need to open the tomb, which will transport you to the Sphinx.

Once you're there, you have to wait until the wind gets strong enough to take you up to the heights...

In the heaven type return to go back to the excursion ship.


Inside the cabin open the wardrobe, get and put on your clothes, open the door and go out.

Go to the stem and talk to the Captain about the coming disaster.

Once you're at the bar talk to James/Amanda for the completing of the game.


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