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Author: Finn Rosenløv
Date: 2021

Provided by the author


The walkthrough.

 As in all IF games, rule #1 is: Examine everything! This cannot be emphasized enough.
Rule #2: Read the intro. There are tons of info in there that will help you through the game.
Ok, let’s get on with it.

You start off in the dungeon, outside the door to the cell where the beautiful princess Illumina is held prisoner. Your first task should be getting her out of there.
So examine the dungeon carfully.

>X door

>X padlock

>X stream (You’ll find a knife there)

>X knife (So the blade is eroded but the handle is intact? )

The stream is quite acidic. If you want to take some of it you might want something to carry it in.

>Get clay pot

>Examine clay pot (it isn’t much but it should hold enough fluid.)

>Fill pot from stream

Pouring the acid on the hinges wont’ help! What else can you pour it onto?

>Pour acid onto lock (Now that did the trick, didn’t it?

You have now freed Illumina. All you need to do now is getting her out of the castle.

>X Illumina (there’s a clue in this description…)


 You are now in the entrance hall of the castle with only a limited amount of time before the guards catch up with you.

>Read sign

>Open guard room door

Wow! The light went out. You won’t be able to get our unless you can find a source of light.
Did you remember to read the intro. If not, maybe looking at Illumina will provide you with a clue (It’s all in the name)

 >Say Illumina (alright, that did the trick.)

>Open southern door.


You have rescued the beautiful princess



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