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Hell in Highwater Walkthru
Author: J. Arthur
Date: 2004

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

You just lost your soul to Vrix, What are you going to do next....try to get it back of course. Now there are three ways to do this, during the course of the game you will find all three, but if you are reading this you want to know now, so I will give them to you:

1) You give him the Mirror of Souls with 700 souls inside. 5 points
2) You become a priest and forgive him of all his sins. 5 points
3) You trap him in The Mirror and he gives you your soul back. 10 points

Now on to how to do that.

Look around ther are 3 people you can talk to
the waitress, Lily
the landlord, Ron
start off with "greet Vrix", then ask him about himself, souls, soul, heaven, hell, redemption and anything else you can think of, the ask him about The landlord and lily. Greet Ron and Lily, then ask them the same things you asked Vrix,especially Ron his answers are important later. Then kiss Lily, she wanders off, you can't follow her, but don't worry you meet up with her later, by the way look around and grab the matches.

Time to leave the bar, but there is somthing you need to know, it is freezing and you are in your boxers, you better find something warm to wear quick, or you will freeze to death. This would be a good time to save.
w, w, n,
this is your place, get the string and go back to the bar to warm up. You should probably save again.
w, w, w, you see a house, x door, tie string to knocker,
sw, look through window
pull string +1.
look through window +1
you are now wearing the coat, get ready to explore.

First you need to know what you are wearing.
x coat..a pocket
open pocket, a key
now to find a door to open.
ne, e, e, se, s
ahh...get key, unlock double doors, open double doors
get jemmy
look, open the crates, at this time you will only need
the candle so "get candle". Since your here you might
as well go talk to the ferryman.
n, n
Greet Gimble then ask him pretty much everything you asked
everybody else about, but this isn't going to get you
anywhere, yet, time to leave.
s, nw, n

Now you're in the dark alley, look and you will see
a window "use the jemmy" +1
e (treat this window as if it is a door), it's dark,
light the candle. Guess who's here, yes you can screw l
ily here, but that candle is burnig, best have fun
someplace with light, like your place, ask her a few
questions, ask about gimble, go down and grab a cask
of ale and the broom, kiss her a few times, then ask
her about your place, "home".

Now we have some items that we don't need right now,
let's give the ale to Gimble.
w, s, se, n
Give the ale to gimble. +1 Now you have the ferry house
key to unlock that door.
unlock door with silver key, e, here's the ferry, in or
east (but e command only works here), this is the place
to leave anything you don't need at the time, you are
limited in what you can carry, drop all (yes you can leave
your underwear).
out, w, s, nw, look at the bucket and the well, remember
them, you will need them later, n, your house, this is
best place to "hang the shelves" with lily,

Now is a good time to talk about the sexscore you get 1
point for the first time you and the women have an
orgasm using a sex postion, Lily is good for 10 points,
be creative, have fun, I will tell you this, for her
"lily, suck cock" and "fuck mouth" are different comands.
I'll wait for you to get your points.
Now it is time to leave, but don't worry you can come back
for a quickie anytime (there will be only one girl who you
will not be able to have as often as you like, we'll get to
her later). But first we need to make a stop at the storehouse
(you know the way), once you're there, get all, go to the
ferry, get in, drop all again and "row downstream".

First stop, Iceflow.
There are 2 people here, greet them, ask the usual questions,
the old man's answers will be important later. Look in the
chairs the red one has a coin you need, take it and row downstream.

next stywell.

Lets do Moot Hall first, although it doesn't matter, wich order
you go in.
E,the best way to avoid the tedium of looking at everything,
is "x all", now look at the river painting, then look at the
figure, he's pointing to the moon, so look at the moon
interesting ehh, now push the moon +1, go north, 699, rember
this number it will come up later, let's leave the hall and
go to the apothecary's shop.
s, w, nw

Greet the apothecary asd ask him a few questions, he mentions a beastie on your shoulder, ask him about that, to get rid of it he asks for the gold coin from Iceflow so give it to him +1,
lets talk a look at the imp, an obnoxious fire breathing snot, we need to teach him a lesson, what can you threaten a fire
creature with.....hmm WATER!, like the river or the well in
Highwater, I'll meet you there.

Let's take a look at the well, first put the imp in the bucket, then turn the windlass +1, get him bottle, Colin seems to know everybody, ask him about everyone you met so far, he is your
best bet for solving the game. Go back to the ferry and downstream.

You can get out at Whitefall and talk to the lifter, but it
doesn't do anything for the game, so it is up to you, get
out at Storelock.

Before you go you need to get a few things, the broom,
the jemmy, and both keys.
There are three stalls here,
n: the merchant Barnes,purveyor of religous artifacts
s: the thief
e: the girl, Rosalyn
when you ask the other two about Rosalyn you find 2
things, she just took over her dad's stall and she needs
a graveyard plot. Before we talk to Rosalyn let's get
some trading out of the way. First give the jemmy and the
keys to the thief, he gives you 3 things, a book, lockpicks,
and a grappling iron (which you don't need except to
complete everything). Read the book, gold lockpicks ehh,
we need to get some gold paint, go to Rosalyn, give her
the broom and trade it for gold paint. Paint the lockpicks.
Trade the book and then the lockpicks to Barnes, you get
some stuff, and the deeds for Rosalyn, +1, ask her about
her father, now it is time for 9 points of fun. I'll join
you in at the next stop Blackrock.

Drop evrething, pick up Colin and let's get out and go north,
talk to the crone, if you ask the right questions you learn
a couple of things, the vampire has something on Vrix, and
she needs memurn to help you, you can go to the apothacary
and ask him, but he won't know anything about memurn yet,
as grossed out as you may be, kiss her, and get your 10 sex
points. By the way she likes to get spanked.

When you get to the Lantern and Herring get your cards.
w, greet barman, n. What, you're blocked, ask Nev about the
doors. He will let you in if you beat him at cards (brief
rules for the game are at the end of this walkthrough), you
can play as many times as you need, you can if you want,
talk to Ask everybody else about trounce and they will tell
you how to play. To trigger a game "ask Nev about cards"
after three wins he gives you the key. +1
N, unlock and open the doors, n again
There are 2 people here, look at them both, Flora seems to
have a problem, maybe Rudge can help. Go back to his shop
ask him about Flora and bring her ointment back here, I'll wait....

Took you long enough, give her the ointment and join her
upstairs, you get 9 points form her.

You can ask her about everybody you met so far, but DO NOT
ask her about the priest until you get her nine, because
when you do, she leaves, have her kiss the priest and she
takes him upstairs, you need this to get his robe, but it
takes Flora out of play. +1

Next is Vargate, drop all again, pick up Colin, the amulet,
a ration,the matches, the candle, the vial of holy water,
and get out. Remember where we parked, Vargate has 2 docks.
From the ferry port go n, n, in the museum, climb the
scaffolding and get the acid, d, s, meet emily, greet her,
and give her a ration, n, bang her for 6 points. From Dung Alley
go s, e, e, e, e, greet the confectioner, he gives you a
chocolate, put it in your pocket, you will need it later,
ask him and he gives you directions to the vampire's house.

w, w, w, w, x all
Knock on the door, the servant answers and ask which one
you want to see, it doesn't matter wich, so lets do the
count first, wait until the bell rings, then n, greet the
count, have a nice convertsation ask him about a few things
including the doctor. when you want the mirror, first throw
the holy water at him, it doesn't hurt him, but since the
vial serves no other purpose, his reaction is funny, if you
have't asked colin about the count do it now, show him the
amulet and get the mirror. +1
s, s, and knock again, this time answer with doctor. Look
at the paintings, wait and go e.

Greet the doctor and talk to him, eventually he mentions
that he has an experiment going, probaly on a girl that
needs saving.

x all and open the curtains, he becomes the dog you saw
in the painting outside the door, open the desk and get
the key, go w, w, and rescue the girl, Nicola, she will
meet you in Moot Hall.

You now have a rope, that is also worthless, but there
are two more things to do here in Vargate. Leave the
house and go e, look at the wall, I bet you can climb
it, look around and get a flower, you'll need it later,
light a candle and look in the shed, there is nothing to
get in here just yet, but you'll need to know about this
later. Climb back over the wall and back in the boat, at
this time we have to options, use the flowers and chocolate
downstream, or go to Highwater, collecting Nicola's 9 points
along the way, I say we go downstream, drop the mirror
keep the flowers and chocolate.

Since Coirelle is an end game scenario we'll get to them
later, get out at Stormwatch.

e, e, talk to the cook, she needs a little romance in her
life. Give her the chocolate and flower and unlock her 9
points, when your done go w, n, and e, look around and look
at the bell, now go w, s, s, pull the bell-pull and go to
the rough bedroom, and e, look at the barrel and grab a piece
of charcoal, trust me this will all make sense later.

w, w, n, look around and knock on the east door, it open go in.
Oh-ho you now have a sword to your, throat greet the bucanneer
and check out the very hot Bonny Read, ask her about the vampire,
the lantern and anything else, talk to her about sex and you can
get her 9. Ask her about the chest, and she gives you the key take
it for a point. +1 Get the goblet inside, you'll need it for later.
You can also get her clothes, you will need them, but there is a
reason to come back and talk to her later anyway.

We're down a ration and Nicola has waited long enough, go to the
ferry and upstream.

Stywell, give the mirror to Nicola, and grab her 9.

Back to the ferry. Now back to Highwater, but remeber the 699,
Nicola was one of them so we know that he mirror has 698 in it
to trade, since we're on our way to Highwater let's visit a
couple of people on the way

Iceflow, show the mirror to Fingal. +1

Highwater, show the mirror to Ron. +1 Go ahead and save, give
the mirror to vrix for one of the endings, but this is not the
best one so undo or restore, go back to the storehouse replenish
you suplies and back downstream.

Skip Inner Rock lighthouse for now, and stop at Outer Rock, make
sure you are carrying all the rations and Colin and look around.
se, e, up, look at the door it seems to be melted shut, time for
Colin to earn his keep. +1
e, ask colin about the creature and give it all the rations. get
the book he gives you and get a point. +1
now you need to ask Norman some questions start with about himself,
when your done he reveals that there is a woman on the beach.
W, d, w, se, there she is, kiss and give her Bonny's clothes,
ask her about herself, some sailor oriented, and the useual sex
and relgious stuff, jump her and get the final 9 points, CONGRATS
you now have all 80 sexscore points.

Now to finish this, read the book and take it to Rudge. On the way
you need to make a few stops

Stop at the Inner Rock lighthouse.
w, look at the door and then the hinges, get the rusty nail, the
reason is coming up. Greet the lighthouse keeper and ask him
about becoming a priest you have most of the stuff already but
a few more things are needed, we can get them in Corielle, back
to the ferry and head upstream.

Now we can stop at Corielle.
N, greet the cleric, then look at cleric, hmmm...they seem to be
missing a priest, go back and wear everything. Greet the cleric
again, this time he'll talk to you. +1

Nw, you can do the sermon right away, or walk around, lets do
the sermon, open the cupboard and wear the surplice, sw, up,
read the holy book, +1 take it with you when you done. Back
to the vestry then up, up, look at the statue then look at the
empty cowl, push the stone and wear the ring. Down to the vestry
and east to the graveyard, now you need a new name, look at the
grave and take the name of the newest one. Back to the ferry and
remove all.

Now back to Stywell. Let's go talk to Rudge. Give him the book
that Norman gave you, then ask him about memurn, give him what
you have, then ask him again, now we know we need madgragora.
Go back to the garden shed in Vargate. You don't need me for
this trip so I'll wait here and catch a smoke.
About time, now give the mandragora to Rudge, and ask him about
memurn again, take the jar and go to Yagelle.

Make sure you have the mirror and the memurn and give them both
to Yagelle, and ask her about the trick. +1 But we're not quite
done yet, we still ned to visit the bishop and become a priest.

Down to Inner Rock Lighthouse, drop mirror, wear all, grab the
holy book and the goblet, and you're go to go. Ask him about
priest, say yes and give him the name Woolston. +1 one last
trip to see Vrix and you are done.

Save and now for the other 2 endings, grab the mirror and lets
end this, first redemption, ask him about it and say yes. +5
This is not the best one, undo and give Vrix the mirror,
ha ha ha he's traped +10, read the end, and savour your victory.

I would like to thank J Arthur for writing "Hell in Highwater",
otherwise this walkthrough would be unnecessary, and answering
all my questions. I hope you enjoy this walk through as much as
I enjoyed writing it, wait more than I enjoyed writing it.
And have fun playing again, this game is definately better the second time.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you know Where Bonny Read's name comes from.

The rules of Trounce provided by J Arthur.


You are dealt 4 cards and have to drop 1 so it is simply a matter
of dropping the card of least value and hoping for the best.
The cards are listed in value below, from highest (the Emperor)
to the lowest (1 of Turnips).

Old Maid
Leprous Swine

Red Joker
Black Joker
Blue Joker

King of Wonders
Oueen of Wonders
Lord of Wonders
Douglas of Wonders
Numbered Wonders in descending order.

Offal (the order of the cards is the same for each suit)

Agricultural Implements

Stout Sticks




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