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The Hangover Walkthru
Author: Red Conine
Date: 2009

Walkthrough by the author

When the game starts, you'll be in your bed. Get Up. Then look.
Look in your closet and take the two dollar bill.
You then need to go east and look at the sink. Then take your tooh brush.
When you go back to your bedroom, pick up your bathrobe and wear it.
Put the tooth brush and the dollar bill in your bathrobe.
Then go west. There is nothing in the living room besides the women.
Go north. Pick up your mail. You should read your mail but its not needed.
Go noth again. Then go noth into the burger club.
In the burger club, guve Deby the two dollar bill in exhange for
Go south back to fredricks avenue then west to the bus stop.
You can keep going west to explore but you don't have to.
The bus won't come until you have gotten the bum off of the bench.
The only way to get the bum off the bench is to kick him. Kick bum.
Then go north to board the bus. You can;t get off until you wait. Wait.
Then go north again to get off the bus. You have arrived at Corperate Streeet.
DO NOT FEED THE DOG THE FRENCH FRIES! They will kill the dog!
Go north into the bank lobby. ask Secretary about mail. Give secretary your mail.
After the secretary has taken your mail, she will give you the replacement form.
Go east to the process office and ask walter about debit card.
Walter will not accept the replacement form. You need the approval form for the
replacement form in triplicate. He gives an approval note for the secretary.
Go west back to the lobby and give secretary approval note. She will tell you
to go down the stairs to the approval office. Go west to go to the approval office.
There you will meet the odd Director of Form Request. He, no, it is a platypus.
Ask platypus about approval note. He will tell he will not give you the approval 
form in triplicate because it would't be any fun. You will have to track down three
approval forms. Go south to find the first approval form.
The south leads to a storage room where the door locks behind you. This is simple.
Look at cabinet file. (Douglas Adams fans will find a nice refference).
Open cabinet file. Take approval form. Then go north. There is your first approval form.
You will find yourself in a utility tunnel. Nothing is here. Go north. Go noth again.
Now your in a pyscho hospital room and the door was a false wall (one-way false wall).
Just type wait and after that someone unlocks your door. Go east.
Now you are in the cafeteria with three others and a doctor.
Ask doctor about approval form. Give doctor some french fries.
You now have your second approval form and the keys out of the pyscho hospital. Go south.
You exit onto a country road. Though at the same time a private jet lands.
The jet was sent by the platypus. There is nowhere to go besides onto the jet, so go south.
Now that your on the jet, you are given a metal box that is locked. Take out toothbrush.
Read toothbrush. 119-228-337-446. The code is on the back of the tooth brush.
Type this: type 119-228-337-446
The box opens. You automatically take the third and final approval form.
No time to celebrate. Right after you type it, you find out the plane is going to crash.
There are no parachutes. So, drop toothbrush. take off bathrobe. go east.
when you walk off the plane while holding your bathrobe, you use the robe as a parachute.
So, you fall gently to corperate street. Put your bathrobe back on and go north.
Go east. Instead of walter being there, its the platypus.
give approval notes to platypus
The platypus takes them and informs you it will take 1 to 2 weeks to proccess the approval
forms. He also tells you what happend last night. The platypus married you and Zoey Ferdinand 
(the women) last night while both of you were drunk. The game is over. You Win.


All walkthroughs should be considered copyrighted by their respective authors.