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To Hell In A Hamper Walkthru
Author: Jason Guest
Date: 2003

x hubert
x overcoat
x side pocket
get tin box
get rubber mallet
x breast pocket
get handkerchief
open tin box
cut buttons with scissors
cut seams with scissors
cut lining with scissors
get vase
throw vase at hubert
get key
x carpetbag
unlock carpetbag
get underpants
throw underpants
get mummy
throw mummy
get smudge stick
get donkey
throw donkey
get painting
throw painting
get ear-trumpet
x coat
x inside pocket
get lighter
burn smudge stick
throw smudge stick
get trombone
x trombone
hit hubert with trombone
get cricket ball
put ear-trumpet in dog's ear
blow trombone
get hatchet
x basket
cut anchor rope with hatchet
x hat
get boomerang
throw cricket ball at hat
get clock
throw clock
get cricket ball
throw cricket ball
throw mallet
throw hatchet
throw trombone
make parachute
tie parachute to gertie
push gertie
pull gas valve rope


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