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Last Minute Gift Walkthru
Author: A. Bomire
Date: 2003

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Walkthru by the Author

You start out standing in the mall. There's no place to go but north (unless you want to quit the game), so go north into the store. Here you find the delightful Angie. You need to get Angie in the mood, and what better way than to have her try on some
of the sexy garments in the store (Hey, it's a fictional game, anything could happen!).

First, pick out the garments you want.

Now, you have a selection of garments. You can either ask Angie to wear the garments by typing "Angie, wear [garment]", or you can enter "TALK TO ANGIE" and select the number corresponding to the garment you want her to wear.

WARNING: DON'T try to get her to wear the nighty right off! She'll get offended and kick you out right away.

The game will tell you if you select the garments in the wrong order, but here is the order you should use:


After Angie enters the Changing room, she'll come back out 5 turns later wearing the garment you selected. After she comes out wearing the nighty, you can either talk to her again, or wait for 4 turns, and she'll go back into the changing room to change backto her street clothes. Notice that this time she doesn't lock the door.

What are you waiting for? Enter the changing room by going east. Looks like she is all ready for action, so go get her!

The game ends after you and Angie have anal sex. There are three official endings, and your interactions with Angie in the Changing room determine which ending you see:

Ending #1 - New Friend:
You initiated all of the sexual actions, and Angie didn't initiate any.

Ending #2 - It's all a dream!
You initiated some of the action, and you let Angie initiate some.

Ending #3 - Angie's a Freak!
You let Angie initiate all of the action. (This includes letting her undress you!)

There are also several endings you can get that don't involve entering the changing room. Here are some of them:

Let time expire, and Angie escorts you out of the store.
Keep staring at Angie ("X ANGIE") before she changes into an outfit and she'll
get creeped out and call security.
Try wearing the lingerie yourself (keep trying, it takes several attempts)
Ask Angie to wear the nighty right away

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