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The Fugitive Walkthru
Author: Renata Burianova
Date: 2001


You start the game in your apartment. All you have to do is stand up, get and dress your clothes and go out. If you spend your time on unnecessary things 'they' will really come for you.

In the corridor enter the stairway and go down (3x) to the entrance hall and out to the street. Now you can choose to take any of the cars that you see:
- If you take your car or a Mini Cooper you'll end up in the streets (type 'out').
- If you take a police car you'll get caught.
- If you take a taxi you will either end up in the streets (type 'out') or die.
- If you take a Porsche you will be safe on the road for a while. When you run out of fuel you can get out. You'll wake up in the woods.

In the streets the fastest way to get through is:
- If you took your car: east, south (3x), west, north, west (2x), south, east, south.
- If you took a Mini Cooper: south (2x), west, north, west (2x), south, east, south.
- If you took a taxi: south (3x), west, north, west (2x), south, east, south.

That will get you to a railway station. Wait until the train comes to station and then jump in. After you've jumped out of the train you wake up in the woods.


In the woods examine the ground and get a fallen branch. Go in any direction, preferably southeast. Search the guard's body and take a pistol (You can take other things as well.). Go to the southeastern part of the woods and get the jeep.


It is preferable if you buy a map as soon as you can - you can get it in the bookstore for 20$ (see notes on money below).

In the city when you go by a phone booth, the phone will ring. Go to the phone booth. You'll have a meeting in the restaurant, so go there. Talk to Bruce and he'll tell you to go to the Morgue. Once there, examine the dead body, get the ad and read it.

By now you'll be tired, so go to the motel, pay 50$ to the receptionist, go up and unlock the door to room number 13. Lie on the bed and sleep.

When you awake, the phone will ring, so answer it. Go to the gardens and talk to Bruce. Accept his offer and go to the gunshop. Show the shopkeeper an amulet and buy the bomb (you must have 500$). Then you go to the factory.

In the night-club show Thel your amulet and talk to her. Go outside the library and talk to Thel once more. Go outside the church and unlock the cemetery gate.

Here's another 'be quick or be dead'. In the cemetery take the shovel and dig up the grave. Break the envelope's seal and enjoy your conquering the game.


Foolish people throw coins into the fountains because they hope they'll be lucky for the next seven years. Therefore, your first money can be found in the city's two fountains.

You can earn money by selling your weapons in the gunshop:
- a knife for 50$,
- a pistol for 200$ and
- assault rifle for 2000$.

When the night falls and the casino is open, you can go there and play on the slot machines. The maximum cash you can go away with is 500$.


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