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Fairytails Remixed Walkthru
Author: Psimage
Date: 2003

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

You start out on a dirt road.
e (Dirt Road)
x pamphlet
x booth
take vial
take spray

e (Witch's House)
x bookshelf
take book on self defense
read book on self defense
take book on animal control
read book on animal control (+5, 5)
talk to witch
push witch (+10, 15)
fuck witch (+5, 20)
fuck witch
fuck ass (+5, 25)
fuck ass

w (Dense Trees)
talk to rabbit
hypnotize rabbit (+10, 35)
fuck rabbit (+5, 40)
fuck mouth

n (The Hunting Grounds)
x amazon
talk to amazon
fight dirty (+5, 45)
fight dirty
fight dirty (+5, 50)
fuck her (+10, 60)

w (A Forest Clearing)
x spiderlady
talk to spiderlady
fuck spiderlady
kneel (+5, 65)
lick pussy

e, s, s
wear kit (when red riding hood is here) (+10, 75)
fuck red (+5, 80)
fuck mouth (+5, 85)

w, nw (Grandma's House)
x fireplace
take log
wear fur (+10, 95)
x grandma
fuck grandma (+5, 100)
fuck mouth (+5, 105)

s,s (A Lake)
take flute
spray tinkerbell (+10, 115)
fuck tinerbell (+10, 125)

sw (The Pirate Ship)
talk to wendy
talk to peter
x cannon
light fuse (+10, 135)
comfort wendy
fuck mouth
fuck mouth (+5, 140)
fuck ass
fuck ass (+5, 145)

ne,ne,e,s (The Hills)
fight jack (+10, 155)

u (The Well)
talk to jill (+10, 165)
fetch my pail or tumble down

d,n,e,n (Grassy Plains)
watch rapunsel
watch rapunsel
pour vial on food

up (Inside Tower)
fuck mouth (+5, 170)
fuck pussy (+5, 175)

d,s,e,e (Town Square)
talk to muffet
x truck
x fridge
take cone
give cone to muffet (+5, 180)

s (Snow Whites Whorehouse)
talk to snow white

w (The Pleasure Room)

e,n (Town Square)
play flute (+10, 190)

w,w,w,n,nw (A Forest Clearing)
talk to spiderlady
fuck muffet (+5, 195)
fuck muffet

se,s,w,nw,s (A Beanstalk)
climb (+25, 220)

missing 15 points!!!!


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