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Escape Pod Walkthru
Author: LoveLetterstoLove
Date: 2004

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Written by Des E Derius

This is a list of all the point scoring activities, with a few secrets and extra stuff thrown in at the end. There are many more things you can do (see the complete list of body parts at the bottom – all can be rubbed/kissed/licked), and an impressive list of emboldened topics you can ask the girls about, but these are the actions you need to perform to score the maximum 300 points.

Note: When playing remember to sleep regularly. Sleeping conserves your limited air supply (although the air *will* eventually run out, no matter how careful you are).

Part One – Making Friends (4)

Chat with Verrin +1 (1)
Chat with Jenna +1 (2)
Exercise +1 (3)
Exercise with Jenna +1 (4)

Part Two – Pleasing Jenna (44)

Rub Jenna’s feet
Kiss Jenna +2 (6)
Jenna kiss me +1 (7)
Remove shirt
Remove pants
Rub jenna’s toes
Kiss jenna’s toes
Lick jenna’s toes +1 (8)
Rub jenna’s hand
Kiss jenna’s hand +1 (9)
Lick jenna’s hand
Kiss jenna’s ear +1 (10)
Suck hensley’s ear +10 (20)
Rub jenna’s head +1 (21)
Rub jenna’s tits +3 (24)
Lick jenna’s tits +3 (27)
Rub jenna’s ass +1 (28)
Kiss jenna’s belly
Lick Jenna’s thigh +1 (29)
Kiss jenna’s pussy +2 (31)
Rub jenna’s pussy +3 (34)
Lick jenna’s pussy + 5 (39)
Rub jenna’s ear +1 (40)
Jenna masturbate +1 (41)
Jenna rub tits +1 (42)
Rub jenna’s wrist
Kiss jenna’s wrist
Lick jenna’s wrist
Rub Jenna’s elbow
Kiss jenna’s elbow
Lick jenna’s elbow + 1 (43)
Jenna lick pussy
Lick Jenna’s pussy with Jenna +5 (48)

Part Three – Jenna Pleases You (29)

Remove boxers
Jenna rub chest +3 (51)
Jenna lick chest +3 (54)
Jenna rub cock +2 (56)
jenna kiss cock +1 (57)
Jenna suck cock +3 (60)
Fuck jenna +5 (65)
Jenna fuck me +5 (70)
Get gloves
Slap Jenna’s ass with gloves +2 (72)
69 Jenna (+5) (77)

Part Four – Verrin (73)

Kiss Verrin +3 (80)
Verrin kiss me +1 (81)
Remove suit
Rub verrin’s fingers +1 (82)
Rub verrin’s hands
Rub verrin’s wrists
Lick Verrin’s Knees +1 (83)
Rub Verrin’s tits +3 (86)
Lick Verrin’s tits +3 (89)
Rub Verrin’s ass +1 (90)
Rub verrin’s pussy +3 (93)
Verrin rub cock +3 (96)
Verrin fuck me +5 (101)
Fuck Verrin +5 (106)
Fuck Verrin’s mouth +3 (109)
Verrin suck cock +3 (112)
Kiss verrin’s belly
Lick verrin’s belly
Kiss Verrin’s pussy +2 (114)
Lick Verrin’s pussy +5 (119)
Verrin rub tits +3 (122)
Verrin lick tits +1 (123)
Verrin rub pussy +1 (124)
69 Verrin +5 (129)
Verrin kiss cock +1 (130)
Verrin rub chest +3 (133)
Verrin lick chest +3 (136)
Kiss verrin’s wrist
Kiss verrin’s hand
Lick verrin’s wrist
Lick verrin’s hand
Kiss verrin’s fingers +1 (137)
Lick verrin’s fingers + 10 (147)
Lick Verrin’s tits with Verrin +3 (150)

Part Five – Jenna on Verrin (40)

Jenna kiss Verrin +3 (153)
Jenna rub Verrin’s ears
Jenna kiss Verrin’s ears
Jenna Lick Verrin’s ears +2 (155)
Jenna rub verrin’s hands
Jenna kiss verrin’s hands
Jenna lick Verrin’s hands +1 (156)
Jenna rub verrin’s fingers +5 (161)
Jenna kiss Verrin’s fingers +1 (162)
Jenna lick Verrin’s fingers +10 (172)

Jenna rub Verrin’s tits +3 (175)
Jenna kiss Verrin’s tits +1 (176)
Jenna lick Verrin’s tits +3 (179)
Jenna rub Verrin’s knees +1 (180)

Jenna rub Verrin’s pussy +3 (183)
Jenna kiss Verrin’s pussy +2 (185)
Jenna lick Verrin’s pussy +5 (190)

Part Six – Verrin on Jenna (49)

Verrin kiss Jenna +3 (193)
Verrin rub Jenna’s hair +1 (194)
Verrin kiss jenna’s ear +1 (195)
Verrin lick Jenna’s ear +5 (200)
Verrin lick jenna’s back +3 (203)
Verrin rub jenna’s fingers +3 (206)
Verrin rub Jenna’s tits +3 (209)
Verrin kiss Jenna’s tits +1 (210)
Verrin lick jenna’s tits +3 (213)
Verrin rub jenna’s pussy +3 (216)
Verrin kiss Jenna’s cunt +2 (218)
Verrin lick jenna’s cunt +5 (223)
Verrin 69 Jenna +5 (228)
Verrin rub Jenna’s ear +10 (238)
Verrin rub jenna’s hand
Verrin kiss jenna’s hand
Verrin lick jenna’s hand +1 (239)

Part Seven – Everybody (61)

Kiss Verrin and Jenna +3 (242)
Fuck Verrin and Jenna +5 (247)
Fuck jenna and verrin +5 (252)
Verrin and jenna suck cock +6 (258)
Jenna and Verrin suck cock +6 (264)
Lick Verrin’s tits with jenna +3 (267)
Lick Jenna’s tits with Verrin +3 (270)
Lick jenna’s cunt with verrin +5 (275)
Lick verrin’s cunt with jenna +5 (280)
Fuck verrin with jenna +10 (290)
Fuck jenna with verrin +10 (300)

Part Eight – Secrets and Extra stuff

**Note: None of these tricks are worth any points.

The Podwatch is a useful gadget that lets you know how turned on everyone is. You get the Podwatch by looking through the ‘feelies’ Love Letters provided with the game. On the business card “Third Eye” is written backwards – Eye Driht. Entering this at any time gives you access to the Podwatch. To use the watch simply type “Read wristwatch”.

To kill yourself and see (part of) the neat little screenplay scene Love Letters included in the ‘feelies’ simply type “Open Window”.

To ‘win’ the game you have to fix the panel. To do this you need to be holding the torch. Simply type “fix panel” until it works (it’s set up randomly so it may take a while). A warning – this will end the game.

To Slay the Orc simply type “Slay Orc” until you get either the 'touché' and the 'you rolled a one' responses.

To lose points you can piss Verrin off. You can do this by slapping or spanking her (with or without the gloves), or by trying to lick or fuck her ass.

You can hug the girls, and their reactions will change depending on their current level of arousal. You can also fuck their tits for a couple of nice scenes.

To have anal sex with Jenna (I’m almost certain you can’t with Verrin, but please feel free to prove me wrong, I got as far as kissing her ass, which she didn’t like much) you need to get her in the right mood. And the mood is ‘dirty’. You must:

Rub Jenna’s back
Kiss Jenna’s back
Lick Jenna’s back
Rub Jenna’s ass
Kiss Jenna’s ass
Lick Jenna’s ass
Fuck Jenna’s mouth
And finally, Fuck Jenna’s ass

Total list of interactive body-parts:

You- Chest, cock
Girls- head, lips, ears, neck, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, back, tits, belly, ass, pussy, thighs, legs, knees, feet, toes.


Walkthroughs should be considered copyrighted by their respective authors.