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Emily: Sister Attraction Walkthru
Author: Palmer
Date: 2014

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Emily: Sister Atraction - Walkthrough

Post by Sierrebrarc

ESA Walk through
Well first things first, to achieve the different endings you need different levels of intimacy, and some actions require higher intimacy as well. Daring is required to ask certain questions, and perform some actions. Depending on which ending you are trying to achieve, you should skip intimacy. However, you should do all the daring you can.

Intamacy level
1-2 = Ending Level 1: Familial relationship
2-3 = Ending Level 2: Sibling love
4-5 = Ending Level 3: Strong attraction
6+ = Ending Level 4: Passionate Love

Day 1 prep - for any goal

Open Bottom Drawer
take memory stick OR Magazine
take movie
look under bed (remote)
open desk drawer
take tweezers
take phone
use phone
1 / 1 / 1 / 2 / 3
turn on pc
use pc
1 / 2 / 3
north (hallway)
examine keyhole
take paper ball
north (to get Emily)
south (back to your room)

First talk

talk to Emily
hug Emily (Intimacy +1)
ask Emily about something
put in movie
hug Emily (Intimacy +1)
tell Emily about contest

First Show - Nighty Night

ask about sleep
turn off lights
wait x2
turn light on (Intimacy +1)
or, "wait" to skip
look at emily / face / tits / pussy / ass
remove boxers (optional, and may require some intimacy. I recommend at least lvl 1)
rub cock x3
lift shirt (Daring +1)
pull panties (Daring +1)
cum on bed (DO NOT CUM with less than 1 int, or game will end)
rub pussy x21
or get creative
rub / lick / kiss - - - lips / tits / ass / pussy

Dreams, getting into her room, diary.

ask about dream
look in pockets
take key
unlock door
open door
north (Daring +1)
look at pictures (must do to look at Nadja pic)
look at brunette
look at Nadja (must do to ask about Nadja)
open wardrobe
open box
take diary
read page x (read 13 and no more (17 if you don't mind getting cought -1 int))
put diary inside box

Second Show - Shower Peepshow

close door (no favor) leave the door alone to owe Emily a favor
wait (only if her door is closed)
talk to Emily
tickle Emily (Intimacy +1)

Killing the spider

ask about spider
open cabinet
take deodorant
look under sink
spray spider with deodorant (Daring +1)
tell emily about spider (Intimacy +1)

Third Show - Contest and porn

ask about contest
put memory stick in pc OR show porn - if you took magazine(and enjoy the show)

Day 1 Favor Show - Massage
I suggest saving before, do the massage, restore and skip it so you can do both (same can be done for other things too)

ask about favor
take lotion
tell emily about lotion
put lotion on hands
rub neck x2
rub shoulders x2
rub upper back x2
rub lower back (until told to go lower)
rub ass (untill she takes off towel)
rub ass (until she says just one more time)
Now you have to choose
Rub pussy (and she cums, and likes it)
rub cock x2
cum on
- - - ass (she says to rub it in, but massage is over)
- - - pussy (she teases you but massage is over)
- - - towel (such a wasted load as the massage is still over)

Topics for conversation
Now that you have some daring under your belt, you can ask quite a bit. Convo needed to Skype Nadja

ask about Nadja (must do for Skype call)
ask about Diary / Amy / incident / Linda / Dennis / sex / pills / ass / tits / pussy
tell Emily about cock
ask about penetration / cum

Fourth Show - First photo shoot

ask about practice
choose location (I chose bathroom as she's wearing just a towel)
Emily, pose x3
Emily, show tits x4
Emily, show ass x4
Emily, show pussy (Intimacy level 4 to see)
Emily, show x
take picture

Fifth Show -Ending the first night

rub cock

- - - Amy: Intimacy 1-3
A fantasy about Amy begins. You can do anything to her so it's well worth it.)

You can play with amy in the usual ways (theese actions do not progress scene)
kiss / lick / rub - - - mouth / tits / ass / pussy
finger - - - pussy / ass (yep finger that ass!)
To finish you can
amy, rub cock
use fuck mouth / pussy / ass (tits are too small to fuck)
fuck x - - - x5
fuck x - - - x6
fuck x - - - x7 (end scene and day one)

- - - Emily: Intimacy 4+
Ah sweet Emily.

rub cock
emily, touch / rub - - - Nipples / tits / ass / pussy (continue till she comes)
follow directions
things get dirtier, keep doing as your told
cum on tits / pussy / ass or Face if your score is high
or if your score is high
cum inside mouth / pussy (sorry no anal)

Day 2
Sixth Show - Skype with Nadja

turn on pc
use pc
3 / 1 / 1
Just go the fun route
1 x 6
2 (you prob wanna fuck us both)
1 (please go ahead)
Play around however you wish
1 or 2 x12
for 13 I ask to see her fully nude,
and last choose Finger Yourself. (be sure to thank me later)

Day 2 prep - for any goal

use phone
check messages
call Emily
north (twice if "you get off bed" pops up)
down (twice if the standing up first glitch occurs)
take note
read note
open fridge
take coke


take newspaper (it's on the shelf under the coffee table, but you dont have to look first)
roll newspaper
Now track the bee east and west till you catch him on something not breakable
when on breakables "wait" untill it moves
hit bee with newspaper (Daring +1)

Off to see Emily, or maybe a Jogger

south x2 (from living room)
Your outside and a girl is jogging. the end of the text tells you what lane she's in.
move to lane x
wait (continue waiting till she is approaching then move into her lane)
continue untill she collides

Molesting the Jogger

You get 18 moves, use them wisely as she has to be dressed before she wakes.
look at / kiss / lick - - - tits / puss / ass
finger pussy / ass
My run went like this
rub tits (Victoria interupts you to confirm you're a depraved pervert)
yes (of course we are!)
lift sports bra
look at tits
lick tits
pull down shorts
pull down panties
look at pussy
finger pussy
rub ass
finger ass
rub cock x5
pull up panties
pull up shorts
pull down sports bra

Seventh Show - To the Lake

ask about Blonde / anal (game deflects question) / Linda / Dennis / Dennis (second time you discuss anal) anal (she has to think about it)
give Emily coke (Intimacy +1)
tell Emily about bee (nothing interesting? should be a point of intimacy)
ask Emily about last night
ask about anal (she still has to think about it, and game informs you anal is off the table)
ask / tell Emily about stuff (I seem to recall lower intimacy has you tell not ask)
Talk to Emily
Kiss Emily (Intimacy +1)

Day 2 Favor Show - Mutual Masturbation (if you skipped day one)

ask about favor
rub cock x3
cum on face / tits / pussy / ass

Eighth Show - Second photo shoot

Emily, pose x3
Emily, show tits x6
Emily, show ass x3
Emily, show pussy x6
kiss emily
rub / lick / kiss tits
rub / lick / kiss nipples
rub / lick / ass
rub / lick / kiss finger pussy
Emily, rub tits / pussy / ass / cock
fuck mouth / Emily, suck cock
- continue till you cum
cum on tits / pussy / ass / face (face must have high intimacy)
cum inside mouth / pussy (high intimacy)
- at this point take it further.
fuck pussy (Emily gets very excited and has you cum inside her)
- you can now have your way with Emily as much as desired.
rub / lick / kiss anything
finger pussy
fuck pussy / mouth
- use newly found commands
Emily, fuck me / cock
cum on anything
cum in mouth / pussy
You can cum and repeat as desired

Ending the day

turn on pc
use pc
email Dennis a photo (get Duke Nukem Forever code .)
upload photo for contest
You win!
Max score with cheat: Intimacy 9/7 Daringness 7/5 Score 9


Fragment 01 : 60b11
Fragment 02 : n80yp1
Fragment 03 : 5co
Fragment 04 : m3b4ck

How to use cheats

Duke Nukem Forever
FIRST on a new game for +2 stats

Then type:
for picture mode at beginning of game

Yes the picture code spells
Goblin Boy pls come back

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