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Easter Egg Hunt  Walkthru
Author: Ian Thomson
Date: 2010

Provided by the author

Start with 3 main objectives : Find and identify 3 objects that 3 trees were made into (This is a clever alogory part of the game!)

Also : Find 10 valuable EGGS

You start in a House...


1. Go to "The Shore of Galilee" / Look Boat
2. Go to The "Cave" / Look Cave (Note: You need to give angel crown found "On a road" to get to cave) / Look trough.
3. Go to "Golgotha" / Look crucifix


1. Bronze Egg : Go to "The Shore of Galilee" / Look Boat
2. Silver Egg : Go to "On a Road" / Get Crown / Go to "The Garden of Gathsememe" and give crown to Angel / Now You can go North to "Cave" / Look Cave = See Trough / Look Trough
3. Ruby Egg : Go to "The Temple" / Look Temple = See Curtain / Look Curtain = See loose brick / push or pull brick
4. Crystal Egg : Go to "The Temple"
5. Gold Egg : Held by Angel (see Silver Egg instructions above). You get it via "give crown to Angel"
6. Saphire Egg : Go to "The Holy City"
7. Pearl Egg : Go to "The Shore of Galilee" / Look Net
8. Emerald Egg : Go to "Cave" (See Silver Egg instructions above)
9. Marble Egg : Go to "Old Tombs" / get tongs / go to "House"/ Look fire / use tongs
10. Topaz Egg : After getting key for door to upper room in house (see below) /
Look Jesus / He tells you secret to type : "EASTER IS ABOUT WHAT GOD DID FOR THE WORLD" /
when you type this, you will be told which eggs you have still to find... Topaz egg will be the last one you will find out about ! /
Ask Jesus about Topaz egg / He tells you to give him burial cloth = He gives you Topaz egg (Burial Cloth found in "Cave" (See silver egg instructions above)

KEY to unlock door in "House" which leads to "Upper Room"

To get this : Go to "Golgotha" / get sign / give sign to Thomas (who is at "The shore of Galilee")


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