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Duchess Of Desire Walkthru
Author: El Guapo 
Date: 2001

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Strategy Guide by El Guapo (simplex992000@yahoo.com)

I. The Walkthrough

This is the order of walkthrough I followed when creating and testing the game. You start out on the Trunk Road, having come to town to have your wicked way with The Duchess (of Desire!). A not truly wise plan as you may find out!

Stage I - Solve Luni's quests.

1. S-S-W-N - You're in the library. Open bookshelves. Get book. Give book to Luni.

2. S-S-S - You're in Luni's dorm room. Wait until she shows up. Wait wait wait... etc. Kiss Luni until you get her hot enough to strip.

Things you can do to Luni

Kiss Luni (useful at first to get her hot)
Kiss tits
Fondle tits
Suck/Lick tits
Fuck tits
Hug Luni (you can do this at first to get her hot as well)
Kiss pussy
Lick pussy
Fuck Luni/pussy
Fuck mouth (gets you oral sex)

3. Type "Follow me"
4. Return to the library. N-N-N
5. Search
6. Go down (into the room, not on Luni! :)
7. Get the books
8. Give 'history book' to Luni. Give 'art book' to Luni (you have to use the full name).

Stage II - Solve Skye's Quests (Skye's quests are not directly involved in solving the game. You can do these at any time.)
1. Go to the coffee shop. (S-E-S-E from the library if you're coming from there.)
2. Go east into the backroom.
3. Wait until Skye and Guy are both there at the same time. Use "g" to repeat, you don't have to type wait every time. It might take a moment or two for the two wandering NPCs
to hit the same room together.
4. Catch Skye sell herself to the Guy... enjoy being a voyeur and watching. Suprise Skye and have her offer herself to you to keep quiet. (if she should wander off, just wait for her to come back in the room).

Things you can do to Skye:

Kiss Skye
Kiss tits
Fondle tits
Lick/Suck tits
Kiss pussy
Lick pussy
Fuck Skye/pussy
Fuck mouth (gets you oral sex)

5. After a few times around in the first descriptions, Skye warms to you and offers you to come to her bedroom.
You can no longer fuck her in the backroom, but you can do all these things in her bedroom now. You get completley different scenes as well.

Stage III - Midgame

1. Go to the castle. Meet the Duchess if you haven't done so already.
2. Go to the garden and wait for Scamp to show up. In Version 1.2 you no longer have to actually meet him. In V 1.1 and 1.0 it was a prerequisite to getting Pia to
help you.
3. If at any time, the Duchess says "You have proved yourself worthy, come to my bedroom"... don't go. She's waiting for you there and its a trap. You want to see how you can loose
the game, go ahead and go in, but save your game. You get a little info on her purposes but mostly she just kills you on the spot because she has enough "cattle"
for now.
4. If you ever have the Duchess say suddenly to you "I see you've been enjoying the services in my realm..." you'll notice Luni has vanished. She has been captured by the Duchess for knowing too much and has been moved to the dungeon in preparation for the final scene!
5. If you see the message from #4, go back to Luni's dorm room. You'll find a note she managed to write before she was dragged off by the Duchess.

Stage IV - Pia and the Professor.

1. If you've done all the above, go find Pia. She'll be in one of the university areas wandering around. She'll invite you to go see Professor Kranc.
2. Go to the Professor's Office, N of Lechedia Hall. Wait for Pia to show up.
3. While you're waiting. "Search" the office, you'll find a shovel. Pick it up.
4. From here go S-E-S-SW. Wait for Pia to show up. Start slow with kissing... she gets hot, then you can do what you will!

Things you can do to Pia

Kiss Pia
Kiss tits
Lick/suck tits
Fuck tits
Fuck Pussy (the first time you get this scene, you discover Pia is a virgin. The second time you do it, you'll get a different scene)
Fuck mouth (oral sex)

Stage V. Do some excavation!

1. Find your way to the Planning and Excavation office upstairs in the City Hall. (NE-N-E-S-S-W-UP if you're coming from Pia's room)
2. get planning application
3. Fill out planning application
4. give application to Mary (wait until she is there if she has wandered off).
5. go DOWN-E-E-E
6. dig (go back to the Professor's office and 'search' for the shovel in case you've forgotten it.)
7. get artifact (if you wear it and approach the Duchess - the Duchess offers you sex if you give it to her. Don't do it, of course).

Stage VI. Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary. (you don't need to do this right now, you can skip right to Endgame, but of course, you'll miss out on enjoying this sexy BBW. In fact, you
could do this sequence at any time).

1. Go to Coffee Shop, make sure Skye is in the room.
2. type "buy strudel from Skye".
3. Go to the City Park and wait for Mary to show up.
4. Give strudel to Mary.
5. Enjoy. ;)

Things you can do to Mary.

Kiss tits
Lick/Suck tits
Fondle tits
Fuck Pussy/Mary
Fuck Mouth.

Stage VII. ENDGAME! The moment you've been waiting for. Time to settle accounts with that vampiric spirit, The Duchess!

1. Go to the castle. If you are with Mary, its W-N-N-N-E-E.
2. You are now in the throne room. To the east is a room that has been shut off until now.
3. Go east!
4. After the Duchess flees the scene, sensing the artifact, go down (into the dungeon, you can't go down on the Duchess!)
5. You discover the dungeon and save Luni.
She will now follow you.
6. Trust Luni, "Give artifact to Luni"
7. Go up.
8. Enjoy the final scenes and Epilogue.


Walkthroughs should be considered copyrighted by their respective authors.