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Death's Door Joshua Duncan Walkthru
Author: Joshua Duncan
Date: 2001

Walk through by Joshua Duncan.

open the mail box to get the silver key.
go west to the front door. get and wear the cloak.
read the door mat.
Press the buttons on the intercom in the order it says on the mat.
Move south to the lobby.
Go west to the short hallway and talk to Joshua.
Return to the lobby and go up to the second floor and up again to the third floor.
Use the silver key to unlock door number 3.
Walk east and defeat Jim for the long knife, round shield, and the key to number two.
Exit the room to the west and sell the mat, long knife, round shield, and silver key.
Go down to the second floor.
Use the gold key to unlock the door to number two.
Walk west and defeat Ireen to get the red key.
Return east and go up to the third floor and sell the gold key.
Use the red key to unlock number 4, walk west and defeat Rooth for the crystal key.
Return to the third floor and sell the red key.
Descend to the second floor and unlock number one.
Enter to the east and work your way through the rooms to find and defeat Debbie, Beth, and finally Ross.
Make your way out of the apartment.
Return to the third floor and sell the crystal key.
Defeat all the monsters that appear and ascend to the attic.
Defeat the dark force to win the game.

Note- be sure to buy new weapons and armour along the way to protect against being defeated.

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