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Deadly Climax Walkthru
Author: Madquest8
Date: 2008

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

This isn't a move by move guide, it just lets you know how to find certain girls...

Natalie = Eliminate as many targets as you can, the more you kill teh more encounters you will have with her.

Halle = Stay on track with Natalie and you will meet Halle

Laura = Warn Asia, and when you get to the Janssen building take the stairs.

Nicola = Warn Asia, Meet Denise, and take the stairs to Laura/ Nicola

Chiaki = Warn as many girls as possible.

Marg/Jorja = eliminating girls is the way to go, also leads to your lawyer... Tina...

Happy hunting !


Doing this > Leads to this command becoming available.

Spank Michelle > Beat Michelle > Alyson help me rape Michelle

Alyson fuck michelle's ass > Alyson rape michelle's raw ass (After above is completed.) > Alyson fuck me > (You can now fuck Alyson)

Fuck Michelle's ass > Rape Michelle's raw ass (After Alyson help me rape michelle's ass is done)

Fuck Michelle's feet > Change your shoes > Play with shoes

Rape Mya's ass (Kills Mya)

Whip Asia's ass > Choke Asia

Lick feet > Heelfuck Asia

Whip cunt > Gangbang Fearne

Lick ass > Finger Kate's tight ass

Laura kiss me > Lose John

Laura fist your ass (With John around) > Doublefist laura

Cum on emily's face > Piss in Emily's gaping mouth > Please Emily piss in my mouth

Emily suck cock > Double blowjob

Fuck ass (With John around) > Piledrive Laura

Fuck Feet (With John around) > Clean laura's toes

Fuck ass (During scene in penthouse) > Asia smotherfuck me
Smotherfuck Asia
Asia drink my cum

Fuck feet > Burn Asia's nipples

69 Nicola
Cockbeat Nicola
Donkeypunch Nicola

Commands often require other commands to have been carried out before they will work... Trying them without finding the correct path to them may cause game bugs !


All walkthroughs should be considered copyrighted by their respective authors.