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Community Policing Walkthru
Author: Sly Dog 
Date: 2004

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Walkthrough by the author (Sly_Old_Dog2003@yahoo.co.uk)

If you walk around town, you will encounter the minivan and Jayne initially. Inside the shop you can also meet Kamajit the shopkeeper (talk to him to get some cash) and in the bar Zak the barman will give you free drinks (but go easy, too many will finish your game)

By the way, the characters' moods change during the action: look at them to see their reactions.

The Minivan: try to stop it, this will prompt you to shoot it and then a prompt to go back to the station. Here you will find a "stinger". Deploy this on one of the streets to stop the minivan. The van's tires will be deflated and it will come to rest outside Memorial Park. Two girls will now have run off: Amy to hide behind the memorial, and Destiny to the corner shop.

Jayne: she is gardening when you meet. If you talk to her, she'll go into her house, but leaves the door unlocked. Now you can go in after her and talk to her again but unless you find and hold some evidence, you won't get far. When you do, she'll offer you the choice of arresting her or talking more. If you talk more, you'll need to follow her up to her bedroom, and can get a blow job. If you arrest her, you'll then be able to chose to interview her straightaway or put her in the holding cell. In the interview, you get to ask some questions and then touch her (rub ass etc.) before she's bailed. If you decide to hold her, go and look through the gate as she interacts with the other prisoners. In either scenario, the fun's over when her solicitor arrives to bail her. An alternative to this is to go through and tell Cross to release her, or to shoot one or other prisoner whilst they assault her (for a unexpected result but you may follow up on this later in the empty house. To stop the game ending prematurely, you'll need to get some cash by talking to a local shopkeeper, assuming he's alone. Failing that, shoot Zak. This root takes opens up the possibilty of a scene with the local hooker, Jasmine).

Amy: appears in the space behind the memorial after you've stung the Minivan. You can talk, then arrest her or spank her here. A little more than spanking and groping will work, but go too far at your peril. Once you've arrested her, you'll need to wait for her mum before you can interview her. The interview itself is fairly obvious (Amy show blah blah, rub ass etc., sex) and can be ended anytime by taking her statement.
Destiny (also from the minivan): you'll find her in the store arguing with the shopkeeper. Talk to them and take it from there. The scene finishes when she cums.
Donna and Leslie: appear in the pub when Kamajit has finished with Destiny. Talk to the girls aand the barman, and you can get a grope before following Leslie's suggestion. If you go to a safe place, they will follow (try your house or the police station). In your house, this leads to a scene where you can encourage Leslie to explore her sexuality. In the police station, it's non-consensual.

Jasmine: she'll only appear if you've shot at the prisoners (whilst they assault Jayne in the cell) and then pay off or shoot Zak. She crops up in the vets' carpark. Offer 10 pounds or more for her services. She'll disappear but will be outside the station if you want another go. If you aren't careful, you'll get sick and need to visit the pharmacist before you die of the pox.

Bill: this is the supplier of Jayne's illegal black box. Bill will be walking about town once you have confronted Jayne with the box. Arrest him and his lawyer (Rachel) will turn up.

Rachel: she'll come to the station to assist Bill and offer you some choices. Once you have released Bill (go out to the reception and "release Bill"), you'll find her very cooperative.

Frances and Eric: the councillor and his wife show up in the truckstop when you've finished helping Leslie and Donna. Go along and help with their fantasy.

That's the key scenes. You can lose by going too far (try having sex with Amy in the park, hiting people and shooting people), but that's part of the fun.


All walkthroughs should be considered copyrighted by their respective authors.