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Casanova Captain Kirk Walkthru
Author: Norom the Lurker
Date: 1998

Note: many of the exits in this game are "invisible", they don't show in the room descriptions. Mostly this occurs in the various crew quarters. One must type "list exits" to see where they are.

I've put an asterisk * next to commands which are necessary to further the plot or enable you to do something elsewhere in the game.

First, go to your quarters:

>examine computer
>access log

Which explains to you that you're now impotent.

>access profiles [gives you a list of the crew]
>access spock
>access mccoy
etc, access them all. gives hints on various things you need to do later on in the game.

>access records
>access androids and helen and tantalus and yeoman

gives more info about various things. Note: some of the people in the computer records are not actually found in the game.

>examine plaque
>touch plaque
>push red button
>push blue button [well, this does nothing, actually]
>push green button

>get harp *
>play harp

>get all * [due to bug, the lotion here is invisible]
>ex lotion
>ask chapel about lotion
>get all *
>read brown book and black book
>get all *
>ex plant
>get special *

>give black book to chapel *
>ask chapel about lotion *

Your impotence is now cured. Now you can:
>blowme chapel [why do these AGT authors make up words]
[like "blowme" and expect people to somehow guess what they are?]
>fuck chapel
this leaves you several rooms to the west

>e,e,e [back to nurse's office]
>give plant to chapel * [she needs this to seduce spock]

>ask spock about tantalus
>show book to spock
>play harp *

Witness the little scene. Eventually, spock will leave, but not for sometime.
>eat moreau * ["eat" is the ONLY synonym for this that
the game allows. Crappy AGT games!]
now you can:
>blowme moreau
>fuck moreau

>ask moreau about tribble [while tribble is on floor]
>get tribble *
>get alcohol *
note, after you've been in this room, Rand will keep wandering in to whatever room you're in at random times. You can "fuck rand" and "buttfuck rand".

Also, various things happen depending on who else is in the room with you and rand. If you try to fuck andrea while rand is in the room, rand kills you. Try to fuck uhura while rand is in the room, and rand joins in.

>give alcohol to scott *
>fuck andrea
Or, just for fun, save game and then type "buttfuck andrea".

>drop tribble *
>ask sulu about tribble
>ask uhura about tribble *
>eat uhura
>fuck uhura
>titfuck uhura

Note: once the whole tribble scene in the bridge is done, at some random time later on you will hear an Intruder Alert. Then a blob will keep appearing in the room with you. You have to shoot it with the pistol/special. Usually when you try to shoot it, however, it won't work, and you pass out, so it takes a bunch of tries. You can type "shoot blob with pistol", or "fire pistol at blob". The one time that I got it to work, I typed "fire blob in pistol". Perhaps this works better? This causes an alien woman to appear. At this point you can "kiss woman",
"fuck woman". The End. (although game doesn't actually end)

Useless items: zebraskin bedcover, bad wig, phaser, corbomite, 3-d game, broken tricorder.

Other things to do:

Here's an obscure one. Rand won't appear while you're in the room with moreau. Stand in the bathroom to the west of moreau's quarters. Hit North or south over and over again (you can do this easily by holding down the up or down arrow key). When Rand appears, type "blowme rand". This causes moreau to come into the room and join in.

Try typing "read uhura" or "read moreau". If you type "read scotty" while he's in engineering, a bug causes the "blowme chapel" text to be printed.


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