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Birth Of The Phoenix (by Phoenix Software 1981) Walkthru
Author: William B Degelmann
Date: 2011

Birth Of The Phoenix walkthru

This game was quite easy, but some folks may get frustrated with some of the areas and commands from the game. So, I have written this complete walkthough for those folks that might require such information.

MAXIMUM number of items that can be held in your inventory is 10.

Moves DO NOT matter in this game, so take your time to do what you want.


1. take book. open book. read book. turn page. read book. turn page. read book. magic word is "phoenix".

2. e - take flashlight. take shovel.

3. w - w - climb tree (cannot go up or type "u" for up).

4. take branch. take net. D (down).

5. light on - take rubies - U - drop flashlight.

6. e - say phoenix - (pay attention to description showing 10-22-35.)

7. say phoenix - e - turn dial - 10 - 22 - 35 - take diamonds.

8. w - say phoenix - take key.

9. ne - take stick - e - n - wind clock - drop key.

10. w - take potion - w - take sapphires.

11. n - drop rubies - drop diamonds - drop sapphires.

12. s - e - e - s - w - sw - nw.

13. give potion (to guard) - dig - shovel - take bag - open bag (can use these colored pieces of paper to find your way through the maze if you wish). (You do NOT need to dig up the bag/use the papers to win the game).

14. n - n - w - e - catch phoenix (in net) - take phoenix.

15. u - se - se - ne - e - n - w - w - n - n.

16. holding the phoenix (in net), stick and branch - rub branch (or stick). WIN THE GAME. MAKE SURE the rubies, diamonds and sapphires are at the treasury before you do the above or you will NOT win the game.

For your information (premature/end game information):

1. Refusing to wind the clock results in a no win game. (Game ends after 4 moves).

2. Rubbing the stick and/or the branch without holding the phoenix (in net) results in a no win game.

3. Rubbing the stick and the branch next to the phoenix (in net) results in a no win game.

4. Refusing to place all three treasures (rubies, diamonds and sapphires) at the treasury results in a no win game.

5. Refusing to take the phoenix (in net) and rubbing the stick/branch together at the Temple Of The Sun results in a no win game.

6. Refusing to turn on the flashlight at the Bottom Of Well results in the rubies NOT being found. (Flashlight will go out in TWO moves).

7. Jumping out of the Tree Top or at the Cliff/Edge Of Cliff results in death. (Game ends).

8. Moving in ANY direction in the well EXCEPT for up results in death.

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