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Big City Laundry Walkthru
Author: DCBSupafly
Date: 2010

Big City Laundry Walkthru by DCBSupafly - 05.03.10

Below is a list of things to do (not necessarily commands) that will get you from start to finish. There is a cheat available at the bottom as well that will make it so you cannot lose, but it's definitely a spoiler.

Don't forget to smell the world around you!

*** WAKING UP ***

First you must get your socks and wear them.
open closet
get socks
wear socks

Now it's time to do the laundry
Before you leave your apartment, you should get the following:

quarters (42)

Open back door, south, close back door, down


It's a good idea to just grab the detergent while you're here. Now you need to do the laundry

Open the washing machine and put the following in it:
quarter (4) (GTV Trouble? "put quarter in washer" will do the trick)
Then close the machine and turn it on

Back to the apartment (you should be able to handle this nav, and remember to always close your door!)
Play video games
Back to the laundry room

*** DRY TIME ***

Open machine
wring out clothes (this sends the clothes straight to the dryer)
put quarters in the dryer (5) (GTV? "put quarter in dryer" is a safe bet
close the dryer and start it

Back to the apartment
play video games
Back to the laundry room (close your door!)


Open the dryer, get the clothes, and head back up to your apartment
Close the back door and open the front, and make your way down and west to the laundromat

Once in the laundromat, put the following in the washing machine:
quarters (16) (GTV? Try "put quarter in washing machine")
start washing machine

Once you are home, the only thing that remains is to play video games!

********** CHEAT MODE - NEVER GET ROBBED! *************

at any time, you can type:

no rob

to disable the thief. You no longer need to close your back door. If you want to reenable him, you may type:



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