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The Alchemist Walkthru
Author: Renata Burianova
Date: 2001


In the carriage examine the seat and get your coat and suitcase.

Talk to Flavio, your fellow-traveller.

Before you can go out you must put on your coat.

When you're in front of the inn, go in.

Examine and open the closet, examine the table, pick up all your things and go out.

When you are downstairs, put on your coat and go out.

In front of the inn wait for a carriage. Once it appears you get in automatically.



Go to the King's bedroom and talk to him. You get the first task.

On III. courtyard listen to jugglers.

Get a picture from western gallery.

Lead the alchemist from the south tower to the cathedral, then to the cellar.

In the stable talk to the stableman.

Ask the King for a commission letter - talk to him 2 times.

Show the commission letter to the stableman.

Get a horse from the stable.

Go to the forest through the western gate.


In the forest get off the horse. (get off horse)

Put picture in the fire.

Get pattern of black color from the horse's hair, white from the snow, yellow from the sunshine and red from the pine-tree bark.  (x horse mane, x golden rays, get bark, get cold white snow)

Cast the spell of colors on the picture in right order. (put black on fire, put white on fire, put yellow on fire, put red on fire)

Talk to the decoy which follows you to the cave.

In the cave catch the dragon's breath in vial. (use vial)

On the crossroads get on your horse. (get on horse)


In the cellar examine the table and take mercury, iron ore and a bowl.

Put the bowl in Athanor, add iron ore, mercury and sulphur.  (put bowl in athanor, put iron in bowl, put mercury in bowl, put sulphur in bowl)

Take the gold to the King.



Get weapons from armory.

Buy gun powder, dream potion and a sack of moonstone nuggets from the merchant on the II. courtyard.

Talk to the magician in the north tower.

Talk to the poet by the royal lake.

Show the commission letter to the stableman.

Get a horse from the stable.

Go to the mountains through the western gate.


In mountains get off the horse.

Go up 3 times and wait till night.

Drink the dream potion and touch the star.

Take the moonstone nuggets from the sack and get the star dust.

Go down and get on your horse.


Go to the northern tower.

Give star dust to the magician - you will get the dragon's tears.

Go to the cellar.

Put weapons on the table, add gun powder and dragon's tears.



Talk to alchemist in the cellar.

Talk to the leaving alchemist on the II. courtyard.

Talk to the sculptor in statue gallery.

Get a key on lower stairs.

Unlock and open the case in armory and take the sword from it.

Talk to the high priest 2 times.

Get a pot from pavilion and fill it with water from pond.

Put water in the basin in the cathedral. Take the cup.

Take beer from the monk in stable.

Give beer to the alchemist in cellar.

Take the cup and the flask from the table.

Steal knife from the soldier's uniform in the bath.

Use knife on a knocker on the northern gate and take the piece of lead.


Show the commission letter to the stableman.

Get a horse from the stable.

Go to the mountains through the western gate.

On silver lake get off the horse.

Wait till the sun goes down.

Throw dragon's tears in the wind.


Talk to the magician in cellar.

Talk to a) Monica in pavilion or b) artist on the III. courtyard and take one of them to the cellar.

Look at the picture in the cellar.

Look for pieces of the torn-apart song: western gate, eastern gallery on the carpet and royal garden among the flowers.

Get a sack from the northern tower's wall and take the jewels out of it.

Dig some earth from the royal garden.

Take water from the pond into a pot.

Get a flower from the southern garden.

Talk to the King.

Get bowl from the scales in the King's bedroom.

In the cellar, make the fire with a spell. Then put the bowl on fire.

Put metals in right order in the Athanor.



Talk to the King - you will get this task.

In gallery you can find a paper with a poem.

By the lake talk to the poet.

Go to the royal garden.

Get a shovel and dig into the ground.

Return the sculpture to the King.


Talk to a woman by the western gate.

On the III. courtyard talk to the girl.

Go to the bath and find a secret passage.

Get earrings and return them to the girl.

Lead the girl to her mother.


Talk to a young man by the northern tower.

Go to southern tower and talk to the girl.

Talk to the magician in the northern tower.

Get rose petals from southern garden.

Inside the northern tower talk to the magician.

Kill a mouse with knife and get mouse teeth.

Talk to the young man again.

Get a cup of red wine from the cathedral.

The ingredients will be mixed together automatically.

Give the drink to the girl.

Lead her to the northern tower.

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