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Akari's Story Walkthru
Author: Taleweaver
Date: 2004

a) Once you get up, do what you would do to start your day: Turn on the TV.
b) No TV? Then you don't need the PS2 hooked up to it. Unplug the PS2 and take it with you.
c) Leaving the house requires proper clothing. Wear your jeans (on the table in your bedroom), a sweater (on the floor in your bedroom) and don't forget your keys. They are in your jacket, which is in the wardrobe in the living room. And while you're at the wardrobe, also take the wire coathanger with you. (You never know when you'll need it.)
d) Outside your apartment, take a look in the shoe box next to your front door and wear your sneakers.
e) Go to your father's collision shop. Take a look in his toolbox and take the pincers with you.
f) You have a wire coathanger, you have some pincers - play around with it a little. Use pincers on coathanger and see what you get.
g) Enter the other apartment house and wait in front of Kenichis apartment. Wait for a LONG time. Eventually, Kenichi will come by.
h) Ask Kenichi about anything. After you've heard his sob story, why don't you help him. Open the door.
i) Enter Kenichi's apartment. Hey - he has a working TV! Plug PS2 in TV and rejoice...

Okay, and now for some bonus points.

a) Once you start the game, type "look at me". See what Akari needs? Make her do it.
b) Akari likes music. Play some for her. Take any one CD, open her stereo, put the cd in the stereo, close it and turn the stereo on.
c) Wouldn't a cup of tea be nice? Open the cupboard in the kitchen and take mug and teabag. Fill the mug with water, put it in the microwave and boil the water. Then simply "make tea". And don't forget to drink it.
d) After 60 turns, the washing machine is finished. Take the clothes from it, carry them to the roof and hang them on the line.
e) In your bedroom, open the drawer, take watch and pen and look at the photo. Ah, memories...
f) If you ask your dad about the TV, you'll get an unsatisfying answer. Also ask him about food.
g) To enter the trains, buy a ticket first then take the train.
h) Once you're in Wakayama, go in front of the mall. Hmm, ramen! Buy some ramen and eat them.
i) Next, enter the mall... If you think Akari didn't buy anything useful, you're wrong. read the ad.
j) Sounds nifty, doesn't it? Fill out the ad and mail it in the mailbox at Wakayama station.
k) Another ticket will take you home. Time to work off some fat. Go to the sports field and try to run. Okay, so that jogger thinks she owns the track. There's an equipment shed nearby. Open it. Oh... you don't have a key? How could you make one? Ah yes... the wire coathanger and the pincers. Take what you can find in the shed and give it to the jogger. Finally, the track is yours and you can run.

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