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Another Friday Night Party 2 Walkthru
Author: the high king
Date: 2012

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Another Friday Party 2: Vaguely Assembled Hints Guide! v1.0

Hello again. So, I remember saying somewhere before that I didn't really want to create a complete walkthrough of the game. Well, this still isn't a walkthrough... it's more a semi-walkthrough. I've decided to create this "hints guide" to at least offer a little challenge if you're really set on beating my game with every single point of deviance or just making some progress as well. This document will be extremely spoiler heavy though, so please be warned... and also, don't expect any really direct answers... you'll hints, that's it.



- Notice there's a skateboard in that hallway? Take a closer look at it.

- Had a look in the mirror lately?

- Bathroom is dirty, especially that counter top.

- There's a lot of laundry strewn around that basement.

- The washing machine might need some attention.

- Look that trash!


- Cardboard Boxes contain things sometimes.

- Do you believe in monsters under the bed?

- It's okay... computers are meant to be touched.

- It's just a fridge.

- Angie has a sweet sewing machine.

- Do YOU ride a bicycle?

- That's a pretty messy coffee table

- Ready to play munchkin now?... How about now?

- How are your sugar levels?


- Occupied! But a feast for the eyes.

- These are some nice towels.

- Elaine's drawers are messy.

- Never ignore closets.

- For that matter, don't ignore cabinets either.

- Angie's room, what a mess! Clothes everywhere.

- Angie reads comic books.

- Hey... what's up?

3rd FLOOR (Pt. 2)

- Occupied... Eye feast part 2?

- Are you good at the computer?

- Sharon's got a lot of drawers!

- Well, seems her closet is empty... time to close it.


- Rubber bin there before.

- Closet rule holds true.

- Checked all the closets? Are you sure of your shelf?

- Drawers... obviously.


- You have a cellphone. It does things now... and maybe it'll affect a few things as well.

... Okay, with that, you shall have beaten the game to full completion. Hope you had fun!

If I was missing hints for anything, I do apologize!


All walkthroughs should be considered copyrighted by their respective authors.