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Academy of Spies Walkthru
Author: Adam Hendine
Date: 2001

Walkthrough by TheCycoONE
Academy Walkthru for Version 1.3

Part I

E, S, E, E
remove bikini,
search hugo
get bikini
wear bikini
N, E, E, W, W, W, N, E
(chance for 'A' scene)
' sit on washing machine
(end 'A' scene)
open hamper
get uniform
wear uniform
W, S, E, N, U
(chance for 'A' scene)
' N, E
' <you know what to do ;-) or if not type "help sex">
' lance, stop
' get uniform
' wear uniform
' W, S
(end 'A' scene)
U, N
hit mama (do this again until mama dies. If you die, type undo and hit her again)
open wardrobe
open case
get reel
S, S, D, D, S, E, E, E

Part II
E, N, S, S
S, W
(Chance for 'A' scene)
remove all
turn on shower
get all
wear all
(End 'A' scene)
S, N, W
look through window
D, S, E, E, S
tell fitz about cigarette
get book
read book
N, N, N
(chance for 'A' scene)
' It's with Helga, you know what to do, do it for long enough and you don't have to do the next step!)
(end 'A' scene)
shoot helga
x board
open drawer
get steroids
W, S, E, D
(Chance at 'A' scene)
' He's pretty disqusting but Otto sure is willing
(End 'A' scene)
shoot otto
pull lever
(Chance at 'A' scene)
'look through periscope
'G, G, G, G, G
(End chance at 'A' scene)
D, S
push button
read note
type 1212 on keypad
N, D
get gun
U, E, N
get screwdriver
S, W, N, N,
eat steroids
hit helga (like the mama thing, but harder, just keep hitting!)
S, W, S
push black button
push blue button
G, G, G
push red button
N, W, D, N
search man
x generator
x panel
unscrew panel
W, N, N
put key in keyhole
pull lever

Part III
Z, Z
MANDITORY 'A' SCENE, Do everything you can think of with kate

Mama arives
hit mama (do until mama grabs the lamp)
get cable
hit mama

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