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Temperamentum Walkthru
Author: Matthew Sawchuk
Date: 2017

Temperamentum Walkthrough by Matthew Sawchuk

Start of Game

-read magazine article (for background info and some foreshadowing)
-North, East

Dream 1

-look at girl
-talk to girl
-take mirror
     -won't be able to yet
-West, NW to Village
-look at women
-talk to women
-look at man
-say hi to man
-ask man about molimo
-ask man about vial
-get mud
-throw mud on mirror
-take mirror
-wash mirror in pond
-S, W, SW
-put mirror on table
-W, Up
-get horn
-D, E, NE, NW
-give horn to man
-look at table
-look at hole
-look at object
-open vial
-pour liquid in hole
-N, E, E

Dream 2

-say hi to guard (he gives you trident)
-N, W
-look at cracks
-get fish bone
-get net
-attach net to trident
-put bone in crack (get "goo torch")
-W, W
-look in hole
-put net in hole OR get hammer and chisel with net
-poke monser eye with trident (not that effective)
-U, W
-look at floor
-look at brain
-Look at stalactite
-hit stalactite with hammer and chisel
-E, Down
-poke eye with trident (kills monster)
-S, W, S
-Tell guard about monster
-look at block
-open vial
-pour liquid in hole
-N, E, E
-look at pictures

Dream 3

-just keep wandering around and reading the changing descriptions.  Eventually you'll be able to go North.
-look at lake
-get vial
-look at plants
-look at bush
-get flare gun
-look at gun
-fire/shoot gun
-look at box
-open vial
-pour liquid in hole
-N, E, E, E, E

Dream 4

-N, E, E, E
-look at woman
-say hi to woman
   -she doesn't seem to want to talk to someone towering over her
-say hi to woman 
-tell woman everything is alright
-open door

End of Game

-N, E, E, E, E
-look at crib
-look at footprint
-enjoy ending scene

Notes about game

1.) The name "Dolores" means "sorrow."
     The name "Peter" means "rock."

     Peter is Dolores' rock; hershoulder to cry on and support in hard times.

2.) The name "Noah" means "comfort."

    When Dolores finally reaches Noah's room, she finds comfort in that she could move on from such a terrible experience of losing her baby.

3.) Dolores' last name is "Worth."

     Dolores's sufferings (her name) have not been for nothing.  There is value in suffering.  It makes us stronger and shows us what we are capable of.

4.) The magazine article was written by "Dr. John Scenedama."

     The name refers to St. John Damascene (reverse last name) who wrote about the seasons playing a role in balancing or unbalancing the humors in his "Exposition of the Orthodox Faith."

5.) The dreams were obviously a playful combination (like dreams usually are) of the magazine article, the poem, and Dolores' psychological trauma.

6.)  Each liquid represents one of the four temperaments/humors.  Pouring each liquid in the table represents her dealing with a particular struggle (she feels better every timeand sees the floating object above the table clearer each time) finally arriving at a "proper mixture."

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