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Pervert Action: Legacy
Author: BBBen
Date: 2016

From the Reddit AIFCentral by addicted8910

Hi there, this is my walkthrough for Pervert Action: Legacy, recently released by BBBen. I really enjoyed the game, like I enjoyed his other games, and I thought that after years of using other people's walkthroughs online I would have a go myself and write one. I've tried not to overly spoil the game with this (no harem code for you!), but it's a pretty decent walkthrough that should get the endings, or at least it seemed to work for me. Hope it helps someone enjoy the game!

Okay, so the first thing to consider when trying to complete PAL is the hand, eye and mouth stats. These stats control or influence a load of different mechanics in the game, from success in sex scenes to how effective you are when interacting with the girls. The way it seems to work is that whenever you interact with a girl, whether in conversation or during night training, the increase in love or lust is proportional to how big the related stat is (mouth for chat, etc). The higher you score is, the faster you increase the girls' stats.

With this in mind, the first step when you start playing is to start increasing these stats as quickly as you can. You increase stats by fighting monsters outside the manor, to the west for eye, the east for hand and the south for mouth. For the first several days you want to be doing nothing but fighting monsters to get your stats up so you can train girls quicker later on. You shouldn't need to use health potions or anything, just spam undo or saves if you're having trouble. I generally try to get each of my stats up to 7, which is the cut off for suceeding at skill checks in sex scenes. Remember that you'll be getting plenty of money from doing this, and you can spend it at Hiroshi's shop to get items which increase the maids effectiveness in battle, and also for items that increase your stats to speed things up.

If you're having trouble fighting the monsters, remember that each monster (including the end boss) has weakpoints you can attack. The example the game gives you is the wolfor's paw, which you can attack to weaken it, but each monster has a second weakpoint you can attack to do extra damage and stun it for a turn. Constantly attacking this second weakpoint is usually a reliable way to quickly beat monsters. You can discover these weakpoints by using Iku's scan spell, which she learns later in the game - as an example to get you started, the wolfor's second weakpoint is its belly, which you can attack using '[maid] attack belly'.

So, once you're stats are relatively high you can start trying to progress with the girls in the game - Iku, Fumi, Kimiko, Masami, Rio and Ai. You do this by finding them in whatever room of the mansion they're in (Masami and Rio are in the conservatory and billiard room respectively, the maids are in the kitchen, dining room and back garden depending on where you put that day). Each girl will have a mood when you talk to her - Happy, Defiant, Sad, Quiet, Lazy or Bored - and you have 3 different interactions which are governed by the 3 core stats: chat (mouth), discipline (hand) and compliment (eye). You get better love gains for using interactions that you have high stats in, but you also have to consider how each interaction will go down in each situation - for example, a girl who is happy will not like being disciplined, and might lose extra love points, but like being chatted to, and gain extra love points. It's pretty easy with some basic experimentation to find which commands go with which moods. As you raise love, you get scenes with the girl around the mansion, either by entering a room she is in or by entering a specific room the scene is set in. The aim is to get love to 100, at which point you get an interactive sex scene.

There are two girls that are slightly more complex - Masami and Ai. Masami has moods like any other girl, but she is so mysterious that you can't tell what mood she's in when you encounter her. You can get a clue to her mood by talking to her ('talk masami') and relating what she says to one of the six moods, then you can just use the interaction you think is best for that mood. Ai is completely different, you don't level up a love score for her at all, and you can't encounter her around the mansion like the other girls. To get Ai you have to first go to the study and search the desk to get her first scene. Then you periodically go back to the study and read the bookshelf or cabinet, which might get you another scene with her, after enough of which you will get the interactive scene. I haven't worked out the precise trick of when to do this to get the scenes, but the best adivce I have is to go every so often, and if you don't get a scene from reading undo and do something else with that time period.

Okay, so we've built our stats, got the girl(s) we want, now we'll talk about the endings to the game. There are 9 endings to the game itself. 6 of these endings are for the individual girls, while the other 3 are combination endings of multiple girls. To get the individual endings all you have to do is get 100 love and the interactive scene, then choose the girl at the ending screen. The other 3 endings are a bit trickier to get, as you have to suceed with two girls during the 20 days, then trigger a scene with them together to be eligible for the their joint ending. I won't tell you who each of the pairings are, but if you consider that each girl is only in one joint ending, then it isn't too hard to figure them out.


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