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The Lost Hound Walkthru
Author: Palaverous
Date: 2015

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

The Forest

Random Encounters
Targetable areas are listed in brackets

Imp - 60HP
Blue Slime - 50HP
Boar - 40HP
Corrupt Fairy - 100HP (wings)

NB. Ravishing a corrupt fairy after you've defeated it provides additional XP.


You start in Forest Spring. Pick up the sword and equip it. Before you start the adventure proper, it's worth grinding your way to at least 5th level. Monsters only spawn when you enter a location, so the simplest way to grind is to go east, fight the monster (if there is one), and then go west to the spring. You can then drink the water to replenish your HP, save your game, and then repeat until you have enough XP.

Note that your sword will undergo a transformation when you are midway through 4th level. However, it is possible to miss triggering this if you get too much XP at once (eg. from the corrupt fairies).

When you feel that you have enough XP, go to the southeast corner of the forest. You will hear a scream. 'search bushes' to find the path to Beyond Passage. Kill the imp there to rescue the fairy (Eri). You will automatically return to Forest Spring. Talk to Eri.

Next, travel to the northwest corner of the forest and enter the treehouse (Up). Talk to the sage. The important information here is about the mist.

You can also read the following books:

Caelicolae (white): 10 entries
Astral Orbium (blue): 1 entry
The Tales of Gallivant the Bard (brown): 1 entry
Chronicles of Inheritance (red): 3 entries
Encyclopaedia Monstrorum (green): 6 entries (Ghasts, Imps, Shades, Slimes, Succubi, Wisps)
Myths of Old (grey): 2 entries

Return to Forest Spring and talk to Eri. The important thing is to tell her about the cure.

When you're ready, travel to the westernmost part of the forest (marked with an * in the map above) and 'search grass'. You will fall down a hole and travel to the next area.



You start at Underground Cave.

If you go to Armoury and 'search weapon racks' you will find a fay blade. As far as I know, this is inferior to Myleanis, but it can be given to Queen Titania later.

If you go to North Bedroom, you will have the opportunity for a brief non-interactive scene.

If you go to South Bedroom and 'move wardrobe' you will find the exit to the next area.

Finally, if you go to Royal Entrance you will encounter a Spectral Hound: 150HP (fangs, claws, eyes). Killing this will cleanse the castle of the mist. If you try going west you will encounter a forcefield.

Return to Forest Spring in the previous area. Talk to Eri about tell her about the castle. You will automatically travel to South Bedroom. Asking her about the forcefield will provide a way through it. You can also try asking her about the cure again, which will lead to an interactive scene. Afterwards, if you rest in her room at any time there will be a non-interactive scene.

Go to Royal Chamber and you will encounter Queen Titania. Talk to her. If you tell her about the cure she will suggest that you apply it to her infected subjects (non-interactive scene and gain Cure spell). You can also return the fay blade to her. This opens up a partially interactive scene with the Queen if you ask to rest in her chamber.

You can also 'sleep' in North Bedroom. Doing so will trigger a dream sequence. When you've seen all three of them, the next time you sleep there will be a non-interactive scene.

If you return to Underground Cave you will find two fairies standing guard. Talk to them and accept their offer (twice; non-interactive scene).

When you're ready, go to South Bedroom and travel to the next area (Up)

Snow Plains

Random Encounters
Targetable areas are listed in brackets

Ghast - 200HP (claws)
White Wolf -  200HP (teeth)
Wisp - 160HP


You start at Snow Plains (marked with an * above). Travel north to Battleground, where you will encounter a female knight (Aura). Tell her what you know, then talk to her.

Travel west to Old Monastery. Talk to the woman (Amira). Read the holy book (1 entry).

You can go to Kitchen and pick up some meat, but I don't know if it has any practical use.

Go to Living Quarters and you will discover that the refugee Amira spoke of is a succubus (Lysara). You can 'sleep here' if you need to recover HP (doing so will trigger one of the three dream sequences). 'search trunks' to find two books:

The Gallivanting Bard (grey): 1 entry
The Tales of Gallivant the Bard: Volume LXXI (brown): 9 entries

Return to Amira and ask her about the succubus.

Leave the monastery and travel east until you reach the entrance to the cave. Go north twice. Because you've met the succubus you will notice an illusory wall here. Go east. There is a puzzle here which you can work out using the information in the Astral Orbium book belonging to the sage (or just go west, southeast, south).

You will encounter the Floating Eyeball - 240HP. Defeat him and he will show you the other succubi. Talk to him to find out how to heal Lysara. You can rescue the knights by repeating 'fuck succubi' around fifty times (NB. each time costs you 2HP, but also restores 2MP so you shouldn't have any trouble casting Cure if you need to).

Return to Living Quarters and 'kiss Lysara' (NB. this will cost you 270HP, so make sure you have enough). Talk to Lysara until she demands you seduce her (interactive scene).

Go to Old Monastery and talk to Amira. Specifically, tell her that you've healed the succubus, and ask her to examine you (non-interactive scene).

Go back to the cave. This time travel north until you encounter the Wounded Demon - 1000HP (wound). You can't actually defeat it, but if you 'attack wound' you will eventually trigger a cut scene, and wake up with Lysara and Aura (or just Aura if you haven't healed Lysara yet). Talk to Aura (make sure you ask her who raised her). Talk to Lysara. Talk to Aura some more. If you ask Aura about her wound, she will strip down briefly. When you've asked everything you want to, pick the go to sleep option from Aura's menu (non-interactive scene).

Go back to Old Monastery and talk to Amira (ask her about Warren). Go to Living Quarters and talk to the bearded knight (Sergei).

When you're ready, go to the northern end of the cave and travel to the next area (Down).

Burning Pass

Random Encounters
Targetable areas are listed in brackets

Flamewraith - 180HP (eyes-instant kill)

Shade - 230HP (claws)
Spectral Hound - 150HP (fangs, claws, eyes)


You start at Burning Pass (marked with an * above). Travel north, and then east along the bridge until you are engulfed in flames.

You will awaken at Court of Flame. Talk to Enren. Travel south to Island, where you will encounter the Slime. Wait ('z') until you have the option to stand still. Talk to Natsuko, until she gives you the opportunity to touch her breasts. If you leave and come back, you can 'fuck slime' if you feel so inclined.

Return to Court of Flame, and then go west to Indoor Bath. Wait a couple of turns until Enren orders you to clean her. Follow her instructions.
When finished, get dressed and go to Court of Flame. Talk to Enren (stay quiet). Travel to Elevated Area. Talk to the dragon. Travel back to Court of Flame. Talk to Enren. Travel back to Elevated Area. Talk to the dragon. Travel back to Court of Flame. Talk to Enren. Travel back to Elevated Area. The stone will get broken on the way (there is nothing you can do about this). Travel back to Court of Flame. Talk to Enren (confess). Talk to Enren some more (interactive scene). Afterwards you will learn Fireball.

Return to the Snow Plains area. Go off the path and get lost in the snow until you encounter the woman. Refuse her offers of food until she attacks. 'attack claws' and then 'cast fireball at woman' until she is defeated. Choose to feed her ('fuck woman'). You will learn the Blizzard spell, and the snow woman will rescue Warren.

If you leave the monastery and then come back, Warren will be in Mess Hall. Talk to him.

Go back to Burning Pass, and then go to Elevated Area and talk to Azazel. Once you've asked about unlocked the sword's full power, go to Court of Flame and talk to Kimiko.

Go back to the Castle, and then go to Royal Chamber. Talk to the queen and ask her for help. The go back to Burning Pass and challenge Azazel. 'throw bead at dragon' and then 'cast blizzard at dragon'. Talk to Myleanis, and then talk to Azazel again. Talk to Myleanis again, then 'hug Myleanis', 'kiss Myleanis', and then start the interactive scene. Talk to Myleanis when you're ready to finish the scene.

By this point you should be ready for the final section of the game. If there is anything you haven't done, now is the time to do it as there is no going back.

Cross the bridge. You will encounter the Shadowflame ('cast blizzard at shadowflame' to defeat it). You will arrive at Tower Exterior with Aura. Talk to her.

Go to First Floor. There are two books here:

Introductio in Arcane (red): 1 entry
The Tales of Gallivant the Bard (brown): 2 entries

Go to Laboratory. Talk to Agrat. At some point Aura will learn the source of her powers and run off. Go to Tower Exterior and talk to Aura until Warren arrives.

Go to Laboratory. Talk to Warren. Talk to Agrat (make sure to ask her about the "direct method"). When you've exhausted all other options, pick "I'm ready". This will transport you to the next area, with Warren and Aura.


Random Encounters
Targetable areas are listed in brackets

Deimos - 5000HP (claws)


You start at Hell's Antechamber. Go to Great Hall to trigger the first of the flashbacks.

Go to East Courtyard ('recall' x2). Enter the treehouse to talk to the sage and read any books you haven't already.

Go to Conference Room. 'search rubble'

Go to Throne Room. 'recall'.

Go to West Hallway. 'recall'.

Go to Guest Bedroom. 'recall' x4.

Go to Dark Chamber. Talk to Ryhna. The solution to her puzzle is to move the boy and the barbarian across the river first, then return to pick up the nun and the succubus. Talk to Ryhna again. Attack sphere. When Ryhna asks for your energy, agree and try the 'direct method' (interactive scene).

Go to Royal Bedroom. You can talk to Imperatus if you want, but eventually you have to fight him.

Imperatus - 8000HP (wings)

He's particularly vulnerable to Blizzard. Attack the glyph when it appears. Once you've defeated Imperatus, choose to kill yourself when given the option.

This is the good ending, where you get to have sex with Aura (interactive scene).

Achievements (incomplete)

No, I'm Not Making a 'Doctor's Injection' Pun - Helped the fairies with their problem.

Sweet Dreams - Got a reward for returning the Fay Blade.

Pretty Sure That Was Cheating, Though - Helped every last Flamma Succubus pass her test.

Wait, Was That Bestiality? - Had sex with Kimiko.

Fire, Metal and Skin - Restored the Sword of a Thousand Years to full power.

Who Even Travels In That Kind of Company? - Solved Ryhna's puzzle.

No, I Had Nothing Better to Do at the Moment - Read every book in the game. Or at least scrolled past the text.

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