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Last Horizon Director's Cut Walkthru
Author: GoblinBoy
Date: 2011

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Unknown author.

NB. This walkthrough is for the Director's Cut of Last Horizon. I was going to simply update the walkthrough I'd already written for the minicomp version, but the Director's Cut adds a lot of new content so I've decided to write a separate walkthrough for it (although I do recycle some information from the previous walkthrough).

Where to get it
You can find the latest version at aifcommunity.org under /games/tads with the filename HorizonsDC21.zip.
IntroductionLast Horizon puts you in the role of the Security Chief on board the mining ship Last Horizon, revived early from cryosleep to investigate a murder.

The suspects are the three active crew members (all of whom are female and hot since this is AIF):Shiana Allinson/DeBeck - security (two fully interactive scenes)Dr Teisha Dockerill - medical (one fully interactive scene; one partial scene)Kesya Sun - pilot (one fully interactive scene; two partial scenes)

'Partial scene' means that there is some sort of restriction on the scene, such as the participants not being able to remove their clothes. It's impossible to see all of the scenes in a single playthrough. There are also a number of non-interactive cut scenes that I haven't listed, such as the dreams the PC has in cryosleep.

Director's CutThis version has more locations and interactive sex scenes than the original (since it is no longer restricted by the rules of the minicomp).

To increase the mystery, the Director's Cut also randomises who the murderer is, as well as a number of other plot elements. It is possible to select which plot elements you want by using a bonus code at the start of the game. There is also a code that allows you to browse all of the pictures during the game. As with Meteor you get different portions of the codes for getting different endings, but if you're too impatient for that just skip to the Bonus Codes section at the end of this walkthrough.

Plot Elements
The majority of the plot elements have only a minor effect on the game:
1. Who the terrorists areDetermines if Vince and/or Kesya are terrorists. This is both the most obvious plot element (since you can easily find the tattoos) and the one with the least obvious effects. If Kesya is not a terrorist you will find a pair of panties in Vince's quarters (which you can identify as Kesya's by examining her underwear). This gives you proof that Kesya and Vince were having an affair, but you can also find that out by talking to Teisha and ultimately it has no real effect on the plot.
2. What Shiana has been getting up to in her spare timeDetermines whether or not you find a holovid of Shiana and Vince on Vince's computer. You can confront both Kesya and Shiana with this information, but there are no real effects beyond making them look suspicious (although it does provide the PC with an excuse for cheating on Shiana)
3. What Phonos Corp is miningDetermines what results you get when you analysing the ore dust. This has minor effects on the endings, but nothing else as far as I can tell.
4. Who the murderer isThis is the major plot point, and determines in which direction the game goes once you've started talking to the NPCs. See Endgame below for full details.

If the plot elements are random (i.e. you don't enter the plot bonus code), you can tell what they have been set to by looking at the Mission Ref listed in the opening splash screen:AS32671 - always the sameN|V|VK - terrorist is no one|Vince only|Vince & KesyaSX|1 - Shiana had sex with Vince|Shiana did not have sex with VinceMI|ML|MO - Phonos is mining Ionium|lifeforms|regular oreA|1 - Teisha is an alien|Teisha is not an alien

[Opening cut scene]
wear jumpsuit

[second cut scene]
use computer (NB. repeat until you've viewed every option)
[At this point the easiest thing to do is to investigate all of the uninhabited locations, since interacting with the NPCs is what advances the plot.]

[To move around the ship enter the turbolift ('in') from any hallway location.Front: sickbay, bridge, canteenMiddle: your quarters, Shiana's quarters, Teisha's quarters, Kesya's quarterAft: cargobay, cryoroom, Vince's quarters, escape pods]

Vince's quarters
open wardrobe drawer
search underwear (if Kesya is not a terrorist, you will find a pair of panties)
open desk drawer
search papers
x photosuse computer
read Vince's personal files (the password is 'Michelle'; the response is random so look at the files several times if Shiana had sex with Vince you will eventually find a holovid of the two of them)

x cryopods (there are 10 girls you can look at, some of whom may seem familiar...)

Escape pods
x controls (this is also the command used to launch the escape pod)

Shiana's quarters
open wardrobe drawer
x underwear
open desk drawer
x paper

Teisha's quarters
open wardrobe drawer
x underwear
open desk drawer
x lettersread letters
x photos
x tunics (if Teisha is an alien you will find a handprint on one of her tunics)

Kesya's quarters
open wardrobe drawer
x underwear
open desk drawer
x origami
read origami
x photos
x sword

[You can also visit the canteen, but as far as I can tell there's nothing to do there. Now for the NPCs.]

x blood
search crate
x hol
ex rock
x dust
get dust

talk to Shiana (see Conversation Topics below)
[You can also enjoy an interactive scene with Shiana if you choose.]

return to your cabin and analyse the dust

x hands
x head
x arms

talk to Teisha (see Conversation Topics below; asking about Kesya is the most important option at this point)

[This is the first point at which the identity of the murderer will obviously affect what happens:
If Teisha is not the murderer you can flirt with her (examine her individual body parts (breasts, ass, pussy), ask her about the PC, ask her about herself (three times), ask her about breasts, ask her about ass, ask her about blowjob, rub your cock, ask her about cock, ask her about pussy, ask her about anal) and finally set up an assignation by asking her about sex. If you then kiss her you can enjoy a restricted scene in the sickbay.
If Teisha is the murderer she will come on to the PC in a very obvious fashion shortly after he starts talking to her. The restricted scene will immediately become accessible and you can also set up the assignation for later without flirting with her.]

return to your cabin and analyse the dust (if you haven't already) and the slime

use computer (check the backup destination; if Shiana is the murderer you will find that a backup destination has been set)
talk to Kesya (see Conversation Topics below; if you have proof that she was seeing Vince, you should ask her about 'vince' and 'tattoo')
[If Kesya is a terrorist she will inadvertently reveal that when you ask her about the tattoo; otherwise you will search her and find nothing. In either case you have the option of taking the search further until it qualifies as rape.]

If you've set up an assignation with Teisha, return to the sickbay and ask her about sex.

After you've talked with all three NPCs (and enjoyed the scene with Teisha if applicable) the plot will take over and scripted events will direct your actions. Exactly what events occur is determined by the plot elements selected for this game

If Shiana is the murdererThe next time that you visit the sickbay you will find that Teisha has been killed and Vince's body mutilated, as though something had burst out of his chest...Kesya might enjoy your company on the bridge (assuming you didn't rape her as part of your investigation), but the only other effective action you can take is to decide to evacuate the ship. If you seem to be taking too long to do that Kesya will turn up dead as well.Once you have started the evacuation you can:
1. Go to the escape pods and leave immediately. This is probably the worst ending, since you never find out what's going on and more importantly there's no sex.
2. Use your computer to check the analysis of the slime. This will tell you that there is no alien, although too late to save Kesya. You will encounter Shiana and kill her. This is a slightly better ending since the mystery is solved, but there's still no sex. You can also find out that Shiana is lying by checking the cryoroom, or finding Kesya's body, or waiting until the self-destruct doesn't go off, etc.
3. Go to the escape pods and wait for Shiana. She will tell you that Kesya has been killed, and the two of you will escape together. There is an enforced sex scene in the escape pod before you enter cryo. However, once you return to Earth, Shiana will cry rape and you will be locked up. If the cargo did contain Ionium there's the small consolation that you will survive the Colonies' attack on the Earth (unlike billions of others).
4. Follow Kesya. If she's a terrorist she will try to sneak into the cargobay to get an ore sample. Shiana will catch her and do some monologuing, which tells you exactly what's going on and allows you to get the drop on her. Once they get back to Earth, Kesya and the PC will enjoy a sex scene together. If Keysa's not a terrorist, she will go to the cryoroom instead. Shiana will catch her there and start monologuing as above.

If Teisha is the murdererThe next time you visit the cargobay you will find that Shiana has been killed. Teisha's strategy at this point is to seduce the PC (if she hasn't already) and then encourage him to seduce Kesya.
1. If the PC doesn't have sex with Teisha she eventually reveals herself (assuming that the PC doesn't get into an escape pod immediately) when it's clear that the PC isn't going to do what she wants (e.g. if he has sex with Kesya and not Teisha).
2. If you've already enjoyed the assignation with Teisha, she will suggest that the PC 'comfort' Kesya as well. If you then go to the bridge you will be able to enjoy a restricted scene with Kesya. If you leave and then return to the bridge you will find that Kesya is feeling rather hot, which may be connected to the empty cup that's appeared in the bridge...
At this point your options are:
(a) Take advantage of Kesya. Once the PC has infected Kesya, Teisha will reveal herself and try to kill the PC.
(b) Take the cup and analyse its contents with your computer. Then look up the effects of the drug on the computer as well. You can then return to Teisha and confront her by asking her about the drug. She will try to distract you with a threesome (which results in Kesya being infected, as in (a) above), but if that doesn't work she will reveal herself and try to kill the PC.

The Alien Revealed
Once the alien has revealed herself, your main task is to get to the escape pods and leave the ship. The ending you get depends on whether you save Kesya, jettison the cryopods, and/or set the self-destruct. The basic variations are:
1. If you run straight to the escape pods (whether or not you save Kesya), the Last Horizon will return to the asteroid and Teisha will oversee the infection of the rest of the crew. You will eventually return to Earth to find that the aliens have taken over.
2. If Kesya is infected and you don't shoot her, but you do jettison the cryopods before escaping the ship you will eventually be rescued by another ship. Unfortunately Teisha and Kesya will have had plenty of time to infect the majority of the crew. This is the only ending where you actually die.
3. If you save Kesya (including by shooting her if she's infected) and jettison the cryopods before you escape the ship, you will eventually be rescued by the same ship that picks up Teisha. However in this case Teisha won't have been able to infect many people so there's a happy ending (which is much happier if Kesya is safe as well)
4. If you jettison the cryopods and go back to set the self-destruct before escaping you will eventually be picked up by another ship and returned to Earth. If you saved Kesya there will be a happy ending in a nearby hotel, otherwise the game will end with the PC planning on blowing the whistle on Phonos.
5. Any ending that involves the self-destruct being set without the cryopods being jettisoned (i.e. the remaining crew is killed) will result in the PC being in deep trouble when he gets home. The only silver lining is that if Kesya is also saved, the PC will get to share a cell with her.

Once you go into cryo you will get a dream sequence. If you set the autodestruct and jettisoned the cryoroom, the dream will involve all three girls. Otherwise it will only involve Shiana and Teisha.

Conversation Topics
[NB. some topics have multiple responses, so repeat the topic until you get a response you've already seen; additionally some topics require you to have found an object or satisfy some other condition before they are active]

Kesya: alibi, alien, anal, ass, breasts, cassi, cock, cryo, destination, herself, home, ionium, me, michelle, murder, ore, panties, phonos, pussy, relationship, sex, shiana, sword, tattoo, teisha, vince, virginity

Shiana: alibi, alien, anal, ass, blood, blowjob, breasts, cock, crates, cryo, dog, dust, guns, herself, holovid, home, ionium, kesya, me, murder, opinion, phonos, pussy, relationship, sex, ship, slime, tattoo, teisha, vince, virginity

Teisha: alibi, anal, ass, autopsy, blowjob, breasts, cock, cryo, drug, gymnastics, herself, home, horses, kesya, me, murder, opinion, phonos, pussy, relationship, rimball, sex, shiana, ship, tattoo, tattoo, vince, virginity

Bonus Codes
'pickaplot' enter as PC name to select the plot elements you want (must be all lowercase)
'zenith' enter at the command prompt to browse the pictures

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