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Last Horizon Walkthru
Author: GoblinBoy
Date: 2011

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

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NB. This walkthrough applies to the minicomp version of Last Horizon. Goblinboy has released an updated version of the game that is not restricted by the minicomp rules.

Last Horizon puts you in the role of the Security Chief on board the mining ship Last Horizon, revived early from cryosleep to investigate a murder. The suspects are the three active crew members (all of whom are female and hot since this is AIF). Because this is a minicomp game there is only one sexually interactive NPC (Shiana), although there are cut scenes involving the other two NPCs.
The following is a bare bones walkthrough. You can ask the NPCs about other things, and you don't have to do things in the order listed here.
1. You will begin the game in the murdered man's cabin. The only object of interest here is the computer. You should 'use computer' and systematically work through all the options. The most important one is the information about the Eyes of Onoss.

2. At this point you need to visit all of the other three available locations. You should do the sickbay before the flight deck.
    a) Cargo bay. Examine the blood, search the crates and get the dust. You can also enjoy a scene with Shiana if you so desire. For a lot of the endings this will be the only interactive sex in the game. Return to your cabin and analyse the dust. Read the computer entries that it creates.
    b) Sickbay. Examine the body (the readme file lists the different body parts; the only important ones are the head, arms and hands) and ask Teisha about Kesya (three times). You can also arrange an assignation with Teisha if you so desire. To do this you should examine her individual body parts (breasts, ass, pussy), ask her about the PC (once) and herself (three times), and rub your cock. Finally ask her about sex. The assignation will happen when you return to the sickbay after talking to the other two NPCs. Return to your cabin and analyse the slime and the dust.
    c) Bridge. Use the navigational computer to discover the backup destination. Ask Kesya about the destination if you want. Ask Kesya about Vince (twice). Ask Kesya about Onoss. You should get a brief cut scene here where Shiana and the PC examine Kesya to find her Onoss tattoo.

3. Return to the sickbay. If you arranged an assignation with Teisha it will happen now if you ask her about sex again, otherwise you will find her dead. If you did arrange the assignation return to the medical bay again to find her dead. It looks like an alien was actually responsible for the murders, or does it?

4. Basically at this point your options are limited. If you haven't already you could search for evidence. Shiana is no longer interested in sex. You can talk to the surviving characters, although nothing they say will affect anything. The only thing that will advance the game is starting the evacuation procedure via the navigational computer on the bridge. There will be a cut scene, which will vary based on what you've done so far. Go to your cabin, where the results of the slime analysis should finally be in.

5. Go to the escape pods, examine the pods and then save the game. At this point you can pretty much pick your ending.
    a) If you wait patiently Shiana will return with the news that the 'alien' killed Kesya as well. There is an unavoidable sex scene with Shiana in the escape pod, although your return to Earth won't be everything you hope.
    b) Go to the bridge. You will discover that the evacuation procedure has not been started. There will be a cut scene and you will kill the murderer.
    c) Go to the cargo bay, where you will find Kesya and Shiana. There will be a cut scene and you will kill the murderer.

Conversation Topics
Kesya: alibi, alien, ass, breasts, cryo, destination, herself, home, ionium, me, murder, onoss,  opinion, phonos, sex, shiana, ship, teisha, vince

Shiana: alibi, alien, anal, ass, blood, blowjob, breasts, cock, crates, cryo, dust, herself, home, ionium, kesya, me, murder, onoss, opinion, phonos, pussy, sex, ship, slime, teisha, vince, virginity

Teisha: alibi, anal, ass, autopsy, blowjob, breasts, cock, cryo, herself, home, kesya, me, murder, onoss, opinion, phonos, pussy, sex, shiana, ship, vince, virginity

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