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Author: Century Ravenswing
Date: 2001

Reviewed by Richard Otter

I spotted this old ADRIFT game on the list and thought I'd have a play, but I probably should have left it in peace. The game is one of those old classic young warrior with a mission to do. Yes, it is an older game and unfounately it displays all old game problems.

To start with virtually nothing seems to have been implemented and you get a strange situation in which an oblelisk can be climbed but not examined (first location). 

You come across a smelly coat, which is smelly but trying to smell the coat and the game reports that it smells normal.

Spotted quite a few typo's and the game has loads of guess the verb, it really needs a lot of play testing.

The NPC's in this game are almost lifeless and I couldn't find any of them I could have a conversation with.

The game does make us of the inbuilt ADRIFT hint system, which tries to be funny but isn't.

So, underneath is an interesting idea for game but with poor implemenation, GTV, typo's, wooden NPC's etc it became tedious to play very quickly.

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