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Zombies Are Cool, But Not So Cool When They're Eating Your Head Reviews

Author: Mel S
Date: 2004

Reviewed by David Whyld

Winner of the Weirdest Named ADRIFT Game Of All TimeTM, this isn't quite as much fun as you might think from the title. 

Zombies Are Cool… (I'm not going to type out the entire title every time) is a parody of Shaun Of The Dead which was itself a parody of Dawn Of The Dead. A parody of a parody? Hmmm… 

At the start of the game I was wondering if, despite the title, this was some kind of cowboy game as the main character has apparently just woken up after punching his horse and then drinking a bottle of scotch. But as soon as you venture from your house and head into a shed, you find yourself plunged well and truly into a bizarre zombie game. 

It's an easy game as well. Ridiculously so. There was only one bit that stumped was when I hadn't thought to re-enter the shed and pick up a certain item I needed. I wound up in a street full of zombies and without a weapon to hand to defend myself with - although my friend, Stu, had a rifle which he didn't seem very inclined to use. Other than that, it's likely you'll be through the entire game in little more than five minutes. A bit of guess the verb might slow you down - "use chainsaw on zombies" works but "use chainsaw" doesn't - but as there are only two items in the game and their uses are pretty obvious, you should be through this in no time. 

There is some amusing dialogue which made me chuckle, the best being an interchange between the main character and Stu right at the end of the game: 

Stu steps in through the broken window. "Well, it looks like we might survive this zombie holocaust after all." 

You nod. "Yep. Zombies are pushovers. I mean, I've killed old people that were harder to defeat." 

Not as much fun as the Evil Chicken games but worth playing all the same. 

5 out of 10 

Reviewed by David Welbourn (11 Nov 2005)

The title accurately summarizes the PC's attitude and dilemma in the game. Zombies = Cool. Zombies eating your head = Not cool. Therefore: 1) Yay, zombies! 2) Zombies must die! (Like, die more than they already were. Geez, man.)

The game is very linear, not very developed, and barely holds together. In other words, stay on the tracks, and only do whatever the author wants you to do next.

Verb hint: KILL something WITH something

Rating: **

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