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Zombie Cow Reviews

Author: Amber Rollins-Walker (as Radhagrrl)
Date: 2004

Reviewed by OtisTDog

You're a cow. A zombie cow, which, it turns out, is fully qualified to engage in the standard zombie shtick -- as a cow!

Did I mention you're a cow?

Very silly, very short, mildly amusing and (oddly enough) very likeable. Not bad for something produced in 3 hours as part of the ADRIFT 1st Three Hour Comp. If it weren't for the frustration of dealing with parser limitations, I would probably spend some time trying to find out how to get all 130 points in the author-envisioned optimum bovine undead rampage. As it is, I'll be satisfied with 80 points and a chuckle.

Reviewed by David Whyld

A strange little game, and one without any real point that I could see. You play the part of a cow who is mysteriously turned into a zombie cow due to a red dust which is sprinkled on your food. You then set out on a killing spree, the days of being kept in captivity over for you. 

Unfortunately, while the intro was amusingly over the top (it reminded me a bit of Evil Chicken Of Doom), the game goes downhill very rapidly after that. Most items aren't described and after the one puzzle involving getting out of your stall, it's just a simple case of moving around to get you to the end.

SCORE : 4 

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