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Young Stuff Reviews 
Author: Unknown
Date: 1993

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by A. Bomire

Basic Plot

You are a computer repair technician called to a local high school to repair some computers. While there, you observe one of the female students masturbating in her chair. When she realizes you saw her, she arranges to meet you in the school dark room for some 'extracurricular activities'.

Overall Thoughts

This game was originally developed to be played on a BBS (Bulletin Board System). For those of you who do not remember these, they were a precursor to the modern day Internet where you
would dial into a local BBS for the exchange of messages, files, and even play online games. They were character-based (wasn't everything back then?), and each BBS used its own BBS software. This game was converted from the original BBS-version into a MS-DOS based version.

Puzzles/Game Play

There is little in the way of puzzles in this game. After a rather long introductory voyeuristic experience, you are dumped into a room with Kim (the female NPC) and directly into a sexual
encounter with her. The only puzzles from there on are which sexual commands you wish to enter. You have a limited amount of time with Kim, and the object appears to be to see how many times she can orgasm before that time limit expires.


The introductory scene is actually pretty well written, but the rest of the scenes are really rather poorly done. Also, some players may be put off by the apparent age difference between the
characters. While Kim is described as a senior, her exact age isn't given but it can be inferred that she is underage by the game's title: "Young Stuff". The main character is quite a bit older, although his age isn't specified either.


I was actually rather surprised to find the game ran as well as it did on my Windows XP computer. Most of the old DOS-based games (especially those converted from BBS games) use some odd ASCII characters to display their graphics, and this game is no different. However, it ran without a hitch on my computer.

Final Thoughts

Many of these older games are fun to play simply because they bring back a feeling of nostalgia of the times when Bulletin Boards ruled. While this game has that feeling, it isn't enough to overcome the shortcomings of the rest of the game.

Rating: D


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