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Author: Tiberius Thingamus
Date: 2009

Reviewed by James Webb (as revgiblet)

I imagine that some people might not like the way that this is written, but I enjoyed it.  At least an effort was being made with the presentation and atmosphere.  In fact, after playing this game I found myself using phrases like 'methinks' and 'gadzooks' in general conversation.  That's right, there was something catchy about it.  Yep, it's not natural to read and slows things down a little but I appreciate the effort it must have taken and give it two thumbs up.

If 'Through Time' made me think of 90s IF, then this game took me back to the Scott Adams-fueled 80s, with the whole treasure-collection scoring mechanic.  I approve of this as well.  In fact, I thought this was a very good effort from a (I assume) new author.  As well as the interesting writing, I thought that the game was quite well coded with few bugs and implementation errors.  There was some polish that reflected the effort that the author had taken to make this entry suitable for the comp, even including a few hidden features.

I don't have much more to add, other than I really enjoyed this game and would like to see a complete version.

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