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Yak Shaving for Kicks and Giggles! Reviews
Author: J. J. Guest
Date: 2008


Reviewed by Abbi Park

1. What was your initial impression of the game, when you first opened it up, and how did the game compare?
It sounded entertaining, and lived up to that while making certain to remain a solid game.

2. How did the author do within the restrictions?
Very well.  The message for the objects that weren't described did not draw undue attention to that fact (that they were not described).

3. How were the puzzles and/or storyline?
They were good.  Only the beginning of the chopsticks puzzle didn't seem logical (yes, they were all kind of silly, but you know what I mean) to me.

4. What did you like best about the game?
My favorite part?  I liked the response when I tried to ask the yak a question.

5. What did you like least about the game, and how could this be fixed?
It would have been helpful to have been clued in a little more clearly on what exactly I was supposed to do at first toward the goal of getting the chopsticks.  I thought the acolyte was just being random, and, had I not checked the Generator, I wouldn't have thought to try what I was supposed to try at that point.  (Also, there were a few very noticeable typos, but not many.)

6. What stood out most to you from/about this game?
The humor.

7. How did this game compare with the others in the competition and/or what set it apart?
Most amusing game.

Any other comments?
After making use of the chopsticks, I wanted to help the guy out.  Oh well.


Reviewed by revgiblet

At last, I finally have a nemesis.

AWARD:  The "Only Game that Broke Me" Award

Aha, J.J. Guest.  We meet again.  Well, in fact we've never met.  But that doesn't stop me from hating you.  You see, I played your game.  It was the only game in the competition that sent me to the Generator before I could finally beat it.  Well, maybe that's understandable - I hear that the puzzle that allows you to lay your hands on the chopsticks is foxing a few people.  Well, I solved it.  Yep, that's right.  I got that one.  Well, how about what you do with the chopsticks?  Giving us a barn full of flies was a nice little red herring, but I didn't fall for it.  I knew what to do with the chopsticks.  I solved that one too.

So what got me?  What did it?  THE HAIRDRYER.  You broke me by hiding an object in the only place I didn't search, because it barely even rated a mention in the room description.  I was so close to completing ALL of the games without needing to open the Generator and you ruined it all for me.  THANKS A BUNCH.  OK.  So maybe you could suggest that it was my fault for not examining everything (one of the cardinal rules of IF), but if you did suggest that I'd probably bite your face off.  I hold YOU responsible for my depression.

Anyway, the game.  Yes, the game.  Well, this game was probably the most polished of all the entries.  The author's previous experience and skill shine through, and the reveal at the end that this was just part of a full adventure that he was working on made it apparent too.  The puzzles were the most thought-provoking and old-skool of all the entries, and little things - like the customised error messages - showed the quality.

A very solid entry, especially considering the limits of the competition, though I felt that something was lacking.  The writing was never anything less than excellent, though I wasn't really grabbed by the story.  It didn't have the narrative drive of other entries.  And I like narrative drive.  

But it would be wrong of me to let that detract from declaring that this was an excellent little game, despite it ruining my day.


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