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The X-Files: A New Beginning Reviews
Author: Superbone Ali
Date: 2001

Reviewed by David Whyld

Based on the popular TV series, The X-Files: A New Beginning follows the story of William Mulder, son of Fox Mulder and Dana Sculley, on his new assignment to the X-Files, a branch of the FBI dealing with cases involving unexplained phenomena. I've always been a big fan of the series (even the later series where Mulder's absence was noted) and was pleased to see an ADRIFT game written for the X-Files. And while The X-Files: A New Beginning isn't the masterpiece I was hoping for, it's still a pretty decent game and well worth playing even to those people who have never watched the series.

There are several things to admire about this game: quite a few hidden extras (typing "strip" brought a smile to my face, as did wandering around the streets with a porno I found in Mulder's apartment), a variety of items that at first don't seem to have any real purpose but soon become necessary to advance the plot, and the familiarity of the whole thing was nice.

On the downside (yes, every game has a few downsides) there are a few bugs which don't really do the game any favours. Cancer Man (or Cancerman as he's sometimes referred to) awaited me in the garage of the FBI building and yet no matter what I asked him about I was unable to garner a single response. Then, upon giving up and attempting to enter Fox Mulder's old office, I was informed that Cancerman wouldn't be pleased if I did that without taking the file from him. Up to that point, I was never even aware there was a file! But, irritating minor bugs aside, there isn't really anything about this game to put you off playing it.The X-Files: A New Beginning doesn't contain many locations but it gives the impression of being a far larger game. Part of this is down to the large number of items available and another through the way the writer has of often cramming a fair amount detail into each location.

All in all, The X-Files: A New Beginning is a decent enough game but somehow lacks the spark I was hoping for. Maybe playing Mulder and Sculley themselves would have been a better idea because playing a different character (one never mentioned in the TV series) disassociates the game from the series, which I'm sure was never the writer's intention. The writer's website hints at a further X-Files game being in the making but as over a year has gone by since The X-Files: A New Beginning came out it's doubtful whether a second game will ever emerge. A pity. Though this game has a few rough edges and guess the verb is a problem, it has the makings of something very good so it's a shame we won't be eeing any more like it.

Logic: 5 out of 10
Logic was never the X-Files' strong point and neither is it in this game. Exits seem to pop up pretty much at random and the whole layout is a confusing one.

Problems: 5 out of 10 (10 = no problems)
Several that left a bit to be desired. You only get the full description of Mulder's office the first time you enter it so if you missed something the first 
time you're not likely to find it subsequent times - items like the filing cabinet and the desk are missing from the description. On another occasion, "x nameplate" didn't work but "examine nameplate" did. And I was told upon reaching the warehouse that I'd forgotten the key even though I had it with me!

Story: 7 out of 10
The X-Files storyline was always going to be a winner and this game has just the right amount of tension to keep you playing it.

Characters: 5 out of 10
Not very impressive for the most part. Cancer Man can only be spoken to once and even after he's supposedly left the location he's still mentioned in the description.

Writing: 6 out of 10
On the whole above average.

Game: 6 out of 10
A nice enough game in its own right but the bugs brought it down a little. Fixed, and with a little more depth added, this could be a very good game.

Overall: 34 out of 60

Reviewed by Sam & Max

Good, yet flawed 

It was one of the better games of recent memory but it had many problems. I'm not sure what the storyline was, I'd basically go from one location to the next with hardly any explanation of what was going on. I got the file, I couldn't read it. I went to the warehouse and just found a knife. I got in the van and next thing I know I'm traveled across the country. Still, with all the problems I found the game to be quite entertaining. If fixed up, it'd be excellent. 

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