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Wolves at the Door Reviews

Author: David Whyld
Date: 2008

Reviewed by CraigRJ

Wolves At The Door in two words: sadly annoying.

Annoying because I hate being cut adrift (ahem) by a game with no idea if I'm on the right track or not, whether the actions I take are helping or useless, especially when there's such a strict timer. Sad because the quality and depth of writing makes me want to stick with it, but the frustration of being stuck makes me want to kick David in the Wyldes.

At the start, all seems good - the logic and feedback from the game behind locking the door (response: hopefully buying you a little time) is perfect. The next logical move is to push the couch in front of the door, but the game says "You move the couch".

So, er, did that help or not?

Maybe I can push the coat stand in front of the door too, but it just says I move it around a little. The pedestal I can move a few inches. The bookcase and desk and bed, I cannot move (although there is a knife behind the bookcase).

So did the coat stand and pedestal move help or not?

I notice I have firewood in my inventory, and Lumin gave the hint the fireplace (not a game word) might be of use - but I note that although the fire is dying down in one statement "the fire has almost burnt itself out and in a few minutes will probably go out altogether" in another "the chimney is visible behind the log fire but the flames prevent you from seeing it in any great detail" contradict each other. Throwing the firewood onto the fire appears to have no effect, and I can't think of what to do with the knife, spoon, pencil, eraser or suicide note (apart from erase note - a fun thing to do, but of no practical use?) and the polished stone from the pantry.

Try to hide under the bed - the wolves would smell me out.

Oh, and when I die, restart just says "that's a bit difficult when you're dead". I have to shut down gargoyle and restart (possibly a gargoyle issue rather than the game, I admit).

So locking the door, moving the couch, and closing the curtain appeared to help, but...fireplace?

Reviewed by Dannymac247

Well, not really, because I really haven't gotten that far. First things first... I fell in love with this game the moment I got a clear idea of what it was about. The basic concept reminded me for some reason of the Babel Fish puzzle from Infocom's hitchhikers Guide game, and I was immediately planning ahead, trying to solve the next puzzle before I solved the first one.

Next thing I new, I was banging my head against the second step. I have absolutely no idea what to do from here. I swear I have searched the cabin upside down for the next hint, and if its there, I just am not seeing it. I've had several ideas, but they are clearly not what Whyld had in mind.

I am unsure at this point if I am having GTV problems or just am operating in a totally wrong mindset. I literally woke up last night with a new verb in mind that I hadn't previously tried. Alas, it also failed.

If there is anything I am missing, I would greatly welcome any input, because this is a game concept I wish -I- had come up with...

Reviewed by Duncan_B

Without giving any spoilers, I was sadly disappointed by "Wolves at the Door" as well.  I was only able to get through it because it had an easy password in the Generator.  "Wolves at the Door" is only difficult because its important elements are insignificant to the Runner, making logic is inaccessible to the player-- once I had it open in the generator, I found the game easy, short, and disappointing.  I would really liked to've seen a multiplicity of approaches to protecting oneself from wolves.  I'm no park ranger, but my immediate thoughts were to Jack London's portrayal of wolf attacks.  None of that was in "Wolves at the Door."  

One especially confounding element, the game also should not have directed so much information at signifying for the ability to move furniture when that command was not integrated into the game's control.  Pushing would have been useful and could have mimicked the effect of at least one other major task in the game.

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